Cocoa Sarai – The Black and White [INTERVIEW]

French Kissez recently got the opportunity to interview a wonderfully talented, up and coming musical artist. She’s having a release party THIS Thursday for her second album “The Black and White” at Dominion NY.

We love her already! Read the interview below.

French Kissez: How would you describe your music style to those that aren’t familiar with you yet? Do you have favorite artists right now that you pull inspiration from?

Cocoa Sarai: I use to call it pop-soul, Now its just me. Most people call it R&B some call it soul, some call it pop. I call it Cocoa lol. Its Soul dipped in chocolate. I’m listening to a lot of Stevie Wonder right now. Ive been on a serious Stevie Wonder binge for the last month or so. Hes a musician so I guess its been me wanting to be inspired so that my live shows with the band can become even more dynamic then they already are.

FK: This is your second release. What are your hopes for this album? What is the biggest thing you would like for people to take away from listening to your music?

CS: My biggest dream would be for the album to spread wide enough for me to be able to do a world wide tour and have millions of fans everywhere. Maybe that’s every artist’s dream but if it is then I share the exact same sentiments. I want people to walk away feeling as if the product is worth every penny. I want them to appreciate the lyrics, vocal performance, production, artwork, etc. For them to not feel robbed. I put a lot into this Ive learned a lot and I hope that people love it as much as I do…

FK: Your first album was self-produced and independently released when you were just 21. You’re still so young but you already have so much experience under your belt. What major lessons did you learn when putting your first album together and how did they help you shape your upcoming release, “Black and White”?

CS: Well, I definitely learned how important a team is!!!!! I did not know a lot of the things I know now about marketing and PR (public relations) and promoting. I did everything on my own the first time because I had to. This time my management and PR made it much easier to just create. They were like “Cocoa stay in the studio and we’ll handle the rest” I’m extremely hands on with EVERYTHING but they make it easier wayyyyyy easier. I definitely understand now that being a songwriter is different from being an artist. So just because I can write it, it doesn’t really mean I should be the person to sing it. I always prided myself on being able to write every genre and I’m still learning, but now I understand myself as an artist even more. I’ve grown, I’M grown, I’m not afraid to be completely myself because I know who that person is now.

FK: How did you arrive at the name “Black and White”?

CS: Its actually called “THE Black and White” Black and White to most are merely colors, Its used to describe something being THIS or THAT. A lot of people strive to be that “Black and White:’ type of person because its safer not to feel. LIFE is about the colors, the ups and downs. Naming the album The Black and White is my proclamation of the “Colors” that make us human. Not to mention my hair has been black and white for 10 months, I guess it was the universe’s way of foreshadowing..

FK: What song on this album do you consider “your baby”, the one you feel most connected to, and how does it pertain to your life?

CS: That is such a a hard question because I love them all. My favorites change every day depending on my mood. One minute Im in a “”black and blue” kinda mood and the next Im in a “Memories for suckers” kinda mood. Thats probably my favorite right now, well today at least!

FK: Ok, so this wouldn’t be French Kissez if we didn’t delve into love, relationships and heartache! After listening to “Raining in My Room”, I couldn’t help but wonder; what is the story behind it?

CS: Ill try to condense it. In 2010 my house burned down, I went through a bad break up and I was staying in a Loft. There was a tornado in Brooklyn around that time and it was raining really really hard. I was coming back from a meeting with my old manager and he had a cd of tracks. The irony is that I was telling him about my issue with my ex before he put the cd on. I talked about my issues all the way up until track 6, the music came on I stopped talking and started freestyling the way I do most of my songs. i told him what the title was going to be and that was that. My loft had huge windows so the thunderstorm looked and felt as if it was in the middle of the room. I started writing the song. Lost the track and called it a lost cause. A year later the producer finds me on facebook and sends me the record, Fellow songwriter Rich Lowe stopped by and we finished it. When I began writing it, I missed my ex and wanted to be back with him, We didnt get back together and Im so thankful now that he let me drown lol, Someone better came along to save me 🙂

FK: You’ve also done some modeling, you’ve been featured in VIBE VIXEN; does being in front of the camera feel as organic to you as standing behind the mic? Have you noticed men approaching you differently now?

CS: I have never considered myself a model, I never wanted to be, I still dont want to be lol. I always felt like the ugly duckling growing up. I just knew I could sing. I only began taking pictures because its apart of being an artist. My makeup artist Londyn- Nikole and I met when I was 19 and she had me do a few shoots, people always said I was a natural so I guess its almost as simple as singing minus the ugly soulful faces lol. Im thankful for the features and the people that admire my look. If the woman I am now would have told “3rd grade Cocoa” that Id be a model, I wouldn’t believe her lol. Men are men, Men do men things. By high school I gained a lot of attention. I sang all the time and I wore heels almost everyday…I just love shoes so Im use to it now but always thankful. Im fully aware that no on has to take time out of there day to say “I think you’re beautiful”  What surprises me now is the women that actually approach me, it always catches me off guard

FK: Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions!

CS: Thank you for liking my music and actually reading my bio, for feeling that Im interesting enough to even interview, this interview was fun and I appreciate the opportunity 🙂

I’ll definitely be in attendance for her album release! I posted the flyer below. Come join us in support.

Use these links to check her out. Follow her on twitter, she’s definitely one to watch!


Come to Bed… (NSFW??)

She laid in bed still awake but with her eyes closed. She dreamed of clouds and sailboats– warmer weather & outdoor activities. She’d never done it on a boat before and decided in that moment to put it on her list of things to do with him this summer. She wondered if he was coming to bed anytime soon. She had been waiting for him to join her, with the expectation of cumming before drifting off into a satisfied sleep. She couldn’t hear him on the phone across the room anymore, so he must have gone to another room to avoid disturbing her.

Pulling the covers off of her body she sat up and called out to him. Wearing only a pair of black lace Brazilian cut panties she rose from the warm spot she’d made for herself on the mattress and stood to her feet. “where is he?” she mumbled to herself.

When she entered the dimly lit living room she found him sitting on the couch. In the quiet, she could hear his even, heavy breathing. Standing closer and looking at him, she thought to herself  “mmm he’s sexy even in his sleep”.

She walked over and kneeled in front of him, resting on her shins. Her small frame fit perfectly between his parted knees. She traced her fingers across the span of his chest and down his stomach. Her mind quickly traveled back to the night before, and she felt a pulse where her thighs met.

He didn’t budge.He hadn’t undressed since coming home that evening. He worked hard and she knew he was exhausted from all of the extra hours he’d been putting in. It wasn’t surprising that he’d fallen asleep on the couch where he’d settled, making late  calls to tie up some loose ends.

She began to undress him. Button  by button, she went down the row of his striped blue shirt until it was completely undone. She feathered kisses on the curly hair on his now exposed chest. He shifted slightly as she loosened his belt and unzipped his gray suit pants.

Tugging gently on his slacks, he began to stir. Maybe he wasn’t as fast asleep as she thought. She slipped a finger under the band at the top of his boxers feeling the bare skin of his stomach there. Pushing her hand under the zipper of his  pants, she just wanted to feel it in her hand. Soft, smooth and warm.


As she gently toyed with him through his underwear she could feel him responding, growing firm. She recognized the small throbbing between her legs and couldn’t resist freeing that part of him that she loved to play with from the confines of his underwear. At first she just wanted to look at it. He looked so peaceful she felt kind of bad for disturbing his rest.

She held it in her fist and couldn’t stop herself from giving it a kiss. Many times before they’d started heavy sessions of lovemaking from his request of “baby just give it a kiss for me…” She never could resist. Then she traced the head of it with the tip of her tongue. Wetting and kissing it again before taking it completely into her mouth. As she did this she could hear him inhale sharply.

“Sorry to wake you…”

She said this but did not stop. She worked him in her mouth using her hand alternating between his shaft and massaging his balls. Moving her tongue in circular motions as she moved her mouth up and down on him, she slipped her free hand into her panties rubbing her middle finger through the moisture against her clit.

He was wide awake now, running his fist through her hair as she worked them both. “fuck, baby you know how to wake a man up!”

He pushed his pants the rest of the way down his legs and kicked them aside. Still on her knees with his dick in her mouth and right hand on his balls, she cupped her breasts with her free hand. He tried to reach her pussy with his fingers but the position was awkward. He leaned forward grabbed her by her waist making them switch positions.

Now she kneeled on the couch facing the wall and he positioned his face between her legs. A loud moan escaped her lips as she shut her eyes and gave into the sensation of his warm rough tongue lapping at the pink center of her pussy. He knew her body in and out. Knew just what to do to make her purr. He used two fingers to assist his tongue, moving in and out of her as she pressed her cheek against the wall.

“you’re gonna make me come!”

“not yet. I want you to come all over this dick.” Without missing a beat he rose to his feet, and plunged into her, making her arch further over the back of the sofa.

Steady in and out, he leaned into her and used one hand to tease her left nipple, while his right gripped her waist, keeping time.

The room filled with their heavy breathing and moans of pleasure. She reached on hand between her legs to find his balls and give them a gentle squeeze as they slapped against her mound with his down stroke.

“yeah, like that! Don’t stop”

She could feel him getting close to his climax, so she flexed & tightened her walls around him with every other stroke. He liked that about her. She had so much control over her pussy, it got him there every time. Fucking never got old for them. They always found a new way to keep the excitement. Her mind briefly returned to her dream from earlier.

In the past, when asked by men where her “spot” was, she always responded with what she thought was an honest “I don’t have one.” But he never asked her. He’d just explored her body until he discovered place that lead her to paradise. And now she felt his lips on her body, in that spot, tracing light kisses up and along her side. She cried out as he worked her body as only he knew how…

“baby I’m coming… now, ohh”

He moved quicker in and out of her entry as it contracted and became even wetter around him. He wanted to get there with her. Driven by her sounds of ecstasy with one last thrust she felt him expel his release inside of her.

“Honey, now get off of the couch and come to bed”


“I Think This is Why I’m Single”

I’m always in control.

In college I had one guy who was probably to be the type of guy I need. Except back then, he always wandered. We were together at the wrong time in both of our lives. When I reflect on the relationship during the good times, minus the lies… It could have worked had he been at a point in his life then where he was ready to maintain a commitment. He’s an excellent boyfriend now… to someone else. I honestly respect and admire their relationship. He’s grown into an upstanding man, and I think he’s found the right woman for him.

I’m realizing I need someone who will allow me to be the passenger in their figurative “life-car”… I always end up with the guy who is sitting in the backseat of my car while I drive him around to his different stops in his daily life. It proves to be inconvenient to both of us.

I want my life’s journey to be a road trip where we take turns at the wheel.

I want a man who is strong willed yet considerate. Someone whose life isn’t easily taken over by my own. We each have our own goals and destinations and can strive and achieve them at the same time.

My bestie said I need another man like “___”, cuz she hasn’t seen me happy with anyone since him. It’s true. But, I don’t miss him and no longer have romantic feelings for him at all! I’m just looking for someone to bring me a similar balance. One who can deal with my personality that can sometimes seem overbearing when I’m not getting what I need.. A completely different man who knows how to rock with me, connect with me but still have his own personality, likes and dislikes.

I’m single because I tend to take full control when I have the slightest feeling of disorder or when I can feel uncertainty in a man’s actions. I need to be secure. He has to make firm decisions and steady moves. I’m a person who makes lists, and step by step plans and needs a clear direction. My counterpart can’t be passive because I don’t feel safe with passive. He needs to be able to reassure me that he knows what he’s doing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not the type of woman to question a man’s “manhood”, or openly doubt a man’s ability to be a man. I understand the concept of pride and wouldn’t purposely try to bruise an ego… However I am the type to take care of things when it seems the ball isn’t in motion. I’m infamous for filling in the gaps. This tends to be my downfall in a relationship. So far with the men I’ve had long term dealings with (I won’t say “relationships” because most of the time the title has been there) I’ve ended up taking on all of the weight… I find it leads me to resent him for allowing that to happen.

What I need is someone to carry his own because I have no qualms about being responsible for what I bring to the relationship… But oh wouldn’t it be nice to just ONCE hear “let me carry that for you.” I think I’d love that man forever. And when he falters I’d take on his baggage because I want to, not because I have to… And I’d know for certain that he’ll do the same for me when it’s my turn to stumble.

Until then… I guess I’ll be doing it on my own.

Betcha Can’t Find It!

It's Just Like Hide & Seek

Thanks to Google’s new invention Google Wave, I have yet another way to waste time at work. I rarely wave one on one. I’m into group chats! <– Sounds kinky when I say it like that, right? Anyway my friends don’t believe in censoring themselves so these wave conversations GO IN! We talk about everything. A couple of times the female orgasm has become a serious topic.

From talking to these guys I’ve come to learn how little men really know (or care) about how to get a woman to “that place”.  Seriously, the things my male friends have said about their intimate “secrets” have my female friends and I calling “BULL SHIT!”… I think women are faking it for these men way too often and they’re starting to get big heads (not in a good way either). I think women, all women should never fake it again. Maybe this dose of reality will have them trying harder to satisfy us.

One friend bragged about “stabbing her cervix” . . . Sir that hurts! That’s pain not pleasure! Another even referred to a clitoris as that thing he’s never been able to find. Ladies, we’re in TROUBLE!!! If you can’t even find her clitoris, how are going to find her sweet spot?? Please don’t let me start on the Cold Tongue Equals Orgasm theory. You wouldn’t believe it if I tried to explain it. I don’t even believe it.

I think most men are just sticking it in and hoping for the best—for themselves.  I’m over it.

I didn’t JUST start this!!

I guess I’ve been on this failing at love shit my whole life! I’ve been doing A LOT of reminiscing in the past few weeks. I posted some REALLY old photos on FB (there’s more to come) and I’ve been going through an entire overflowing drawer full of letters and notes and diaries I’ve been saving dating back to the 3rd grade. I came across several HILARIOUS entries about boys I used to like and their rejection of me 😦 Smh… some of it actually hurt my feelings now at 25 just reading them back. Most of them are situations I don’t even remember happening with crushes I don’t remember having. However, I must admit that I was always a writer. In 3rd grade I was writing things I shouldn’t have even known about at that age and my vocabulary was pretty expansive for a nine year old(#ImJustSayin’). I was a smart child, but my mind seems to have always been on boys! I rarely wrote about anything else in my diaries. I was pretty carefree, so I guess my crushes were the only things causing me concern. Even back then I was living by my theme of today – “How To Never Get A Guy But Still Try”!

So here’s what I wrote one day in 6th grade. I laughed out loud reading it and had to call a few of the participants on the phone to remind them of it. Here goes!

The names in this post have been changed to protect the innocent! (LoL)

January 7,1996

Dear Diary,

I asked Lenny to go out with me & he said he likes me, but he isn’t going out with anyone now. This boy Donovan who’s in eighth grade likes me, and I don’t like him but I’m going out with him partly because I feel sorry for him & partly to make Lenny jealous. Donovan is alright looking but he is fat. I still like Lenny but I want him to be jealous. My friends were so mad when Lenny said no to me my friend Silver called him a scrub & slapped him. Nate & his friends saw her slap him & they came over & they started saying ooh you let a white girl slap you. It was funny! I had to hold Silver back. I pushed her against the wall & she was still kicking, then he called her a trick & a hoe (my kind of man!)[<–no I did not just add that, I actually wrote it, LMAO]. She and Diana went to the principal’s office & he had to go to the office too. Diana & I had to go as witnesses. Lenny told the WHOLE story, me asking him out until him punching her in the stomach & then Silver took over from there. The whole situation was really embarrassing!

Meanwhile I have this problem with Donovan he is now my boyfriend. Donovan is in the eighth grade & I’m only in the sixth. Eighth grade and sixth grade don’t really see each other during the day and even though he lives up the block from me he takes the second bus and I take the first Webster Ave bus. I really don’t think this is going to work out. I would rather have Donovan as a friend than as a boyfriend, I’d rather it a whole lot more!

My cousin Melina and this boy Jose made me go out with Donovan. I really don’t know what I got myself into. Kay is so mad at me for going out with him. I hope this doesn’t turn out like my last relationship with Shawn [Shawn was my 1st “boyfriend” who broke up with me b/c of my lack of skills in kissing! ahahaha]. This week has been so very hectic. I wish that everything I wanted would go the way I wanted. Oh how I wish I could perform magic. My life is so confusing! It really is.

I’ll talk to you soon



The funny and ironic thing about this post is that even though it was written in 1996 and I’d forgotten all about it, this isn’t the first time “Lenny” has made it into FrenchKissez. . . 25 year old Lenny is as much of a character as 12 year old Lenny! (click here)

Feel free to leave your comments!

Flaws and All

I like my men slightly physically  flawed. . .

whether it’s a stomach pudge, a larger than life nose, lumpy head or tiny tool … bring it on! I like to be the only semi-perfect body in the relationship. This way, they can’t hold it against me when I get old and let myself go! I met you looking like that. . . at least you had time to let mine grow on you! LMAO!!

This post is sooo wrong, but I don’t care. Ha!

. . . Now Spit!

DISCLAIMER : Don’t hold this post against me, if it isn’t your cup of tea! FrenchKissez isn’t USUALLY this vulgar!  But hey, I’m human and a woman! If you are easily offended and/or prudish, you may not want to read the following conversation.

Frenchie: I hope my frigging cable is back on otherwise I’ll be watching porn cuz I’ve gone through my regular dvds
CocktailJay: wth you doing with porn?
Frenchie: eh I’m a single girl
I can never sit down and watch the whole thing though… I dunno how people do it
vaginas and penises and such are sooo ugly!
CocktailJay: I dont think men make it through the first 10 minutes honestly
Frenchie: LMAO! ew
And another thing, why are Black pornos SO vulgar!
(I know porn is supposed to be vulgar)
all the spitting, and spanking and cursing and carrying on… I wanna support the black actors (LMAO), but they make me nervous.
CocktailJay: I love them
i cant watch white porn
my porn has to be like my real sex life
Frenchie: ew
well I don’t do all of that angry talk and loud spitting noise
and angry yelling of “bitch” and so forth
CocktailJay: spitting?
Frenchie: you never seen those porns where the woman spits on the ping??
or the dude spits on the vag?
it’s in like every black porn!
CocktailJay: oh
they like that ish
ask men do they like it
Frenchie: eek!
I know they like it
but I don’t want to make the sounds
they just want it to be wet
I can do that in other ways
they want the simulation of an extra moist vagina that contracts harder than most. . . that doesn’t require vulgar noises. . .
LMAO that sounds SO gross
CocktailJay: No…they like the noises
and they like to see you spit on it
its not the same without the noises and the spit
they like the nastyness
and name calling
all that crap
its a visual thing…an experience. I dont think it’s necessarily always about the actual feeling
Frenchie: eek!
I need to ask a guy
I’m gonna blog it
I dunno if I should
CocktailJay: just post the conversation then ask what they think
Frenchie: Cool… I Dunno if I wanna reveal this much about my sex on the internet. . .
CocktailJay: lmao
its not about your sex
its about the video
Look, we all know you suck dick
get over it
Frenchie: WHOA!
CocktailJay: ahahaha
Frenchie: smh
you have NO proof of that
CocktailJay: Riiight
Frenchie: ::clutching pearls:: I neva!

What do you think people?? What’s your preference?