Like a Knife

Way worse than anything he ever did to me, was when he said to me

“I never loved you…”


What Would They Say?

Lately I’ve been getting this question a lot: “What would your exes say about you?”

I’ve been responding with “how the heck would I know!”

I’d like to think they’d say I was a great girlfriend– generous and kind. I want to be remembered as supportive and trustworthy, honest and loyal. But who knows what my past beau’s would really say about me if asked? It makes me wonder. Although I remember playing this role for every one of my past “kissez” I’m not sure that they’d remember the experience in the same way. I’m sure “uptight” and “a nag” may be on their list of adjectives as well, and I think I’m fine with that. But I’m really curious to know if I was a great girlfriend/partner only in my mind… I reflect on most of these men and I do see some of my faults, but usually the light is shining on most of them as the guilty party and the reasons for our downfall. BUT I am also aware that there are two sides to every story, and then the truth.

I know some of my ex kissez read my blog… so what do you say?? I want to be well informed the next time I have to answer this question. LoL (Hoping I haven’t set myself up again with this one)

I know some of you are wondering the same thing about your exes! I’m also posing the question to you readers. What do you think your exes would say about you?