But I Thought Guys Liked Girls Who Liked Sports…

Stop.  Do you smell that?  Inhale.  Take it all in.  Football season is in the air!!!

Football season is pretty much the only thing I look forward to this time of year.  Think about it.  Cooler weather (I’m a summer baby, no thanks), shorter days (I hate that it starts getting dark before I even get home from work), and back-to-school time (I’m out of school so all this means for me is increased traffic) are all things that I can gladly do without.  The only thing I fiend for this time of year is football…

Yes, I’m a chick.  Yes, I’m a football fan.  No, I’m not just a football player fan (& if you don’t know the diff, clearly you’re not following @lilduval on Twitter).  Conventional wisdom would have you believe that most guys would find this to be an attractive quality in a female, but my experiences have proved the opposite.  Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t claim to know everything about the game, but I can def hold my own.  And where I may lack in knowledge about the game, I more than make up for in my knowledge of the industry and the business.  Give me some credit, I did my master’s thesis on sports branding with the focus on black football players, so I think that would give me some “clout” among my male counterparts.  I used to write my own sports blog and I also ghost-blogged for a football player.  My male friends think its super cool, but guys I date seem to think otherwise.

I’ve had three diff guys express their displeasure in my affinity of sports, particularly football.  The first told me that it was just something he’d prefer to talk about with his “boys” and not with me (I think he didn’t respect my opinion because his team sucked & I reminded him every chance I got).  The second claimed that he thought that it wasn’t the sport that I liked, but the players (Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m  very hetero & love strong, muscular black men.  I don’t care what he’s doing, if he looks good I’m gonna notice.  I’m not as far gone as Lil Wayne wishing I could eff every dude in the world, but I have remixed Jay-Z “Girls Girls Girls” to my own “Boys Boys Boys” to show my appreciation, lol.).  I think guy #2 was secretly mad that I beat him in Madden.  The third guy said he enjoys teaching “his girl” about football.  This shouldn’t have been a problem but in trying to “teach” me something I already knew, he realized he wasn’t completely knowledgeable himself.

I know what you’re thinking and no I am not one of those emasculating females who likes to show a man how much I really don’t need him but I’m not the helpless damsel in distress either.  I am me, I like what I like, & I LIKE FOOTBALL!!!  And the likelihood of me putting up with a guy that can’t appreciate that about me, NEVERMORE! (ß if you didn’t get that, please go read a book, lol)

by  ~ CallMeKarrie