So, I Changed My Life

. . . and now I’m back! I don’t know if you all noticed, but I’ve been missing from the blogosphere since July. I was really unhappy about a lot of things (life, career, love… all of that!) In the past few months my life has turned in a completely different direction. I feel more confident about where I’m headed.

If you follow me on Facebook and Twitter you may already know that since my last post:

  • I moved back to New York – I love and miss Baltimore and the DMV but I’m HOME now!
  • I got my real estate license – I’m sooo excited about the flexibility this will allow for all of my side hustles : writing, events, just all around creativity.
  • I haven’t stopped dating – it never stops being fun and weird to me! Stories to come.

I haven’t been posting, but the ideas haven’t stopped flowing! There is so much I want to share with you all. I even came up with a new series I want to incorporate called “Letters to My Exes”. It would be a bunch of letters from me to men I’ve been involved with, I don’t want it to be depressing more like a romantic comedy where I don’t end up with the guy in the end! LoL but I have to figure out to present it in a way that creates the least amount of pissitivity among them. I can’t take the hate texts I tend to receive when my blog gets REAL! Men are sensitive too 😉

Also look forward to more art, fashion, interviews and events on French Kissez in 2012. I figure I’m in NY, why not take advantage of surroundings?? So, HAPPY NEW YEAR (almost 3 weeks late) and all that jazz. I promise I’ll never leave you for this long ever again (for real this time)!!


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  1. This is awesome, French!! Change is good 🙂

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