Sitting By the Phone

Everything is going great. You allow yourself to let down some of those walls you’ve built in order to avoid disappointment. He seems to have good intentions. You let him in, because he keeps asking. He says he wants you. He speaks of the future.

But then all of a sudden, he’s no longer answering when you call, and he’s definitely not calling you back. No longer sends you those “Good morning! Have a great day” texts. What happened? He’s disappeared from the face of the Earth.

I never understood how it was that easy for men to detach themselves from a situation. No explanations or expression of remorse.

What do you all think??



  1. Women do this too. I know I have…

    • True. But I’ve only known women to do it gradually. I can only speak from my own experience, but I have never just randomly stopped talking to someone. Usually you can tell when I’m over it. Or things just gradually fizzle out. I’ve never just been all good with someone and then literally the next day just be over it. lol

  2. My now fiancĂ© did this to me in the beginning of the relationship. He eventually came back but he left to deal with baby mama drama…and thank God he took the time to take care of it before trying to get into a serious relationship with me. But we did have a discussion on men just up and dropping females and forgetting they exist so easily.
    His answer: We don’t wanna see you cry.
    The thought of being responsible for hurting a woman’s feelings so bad that tears came out is the scariest thing in the world to them. you ever have a break up and the guy still says friendly things afterward? He is really just trying to make sure you don’t think ill of him and think he’s a bad guy. What they REFUSE to understand is that we will hate you even more if you drop us like we don’t exist. They’ll never listen or learn.

    • As a man, i can tell you first hand that we have NEVER been taught how to deal with our emotions, so don’t really know to be upfront and say ” i’m bored with you, i don’t like the way things are going, etc.” This is not an excuse…ijs!

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