Friends With My Exes

How do you guys feel about your friends maintaining friendships with your exes??

Honestly, it kinda makes me salty! Especially when we split on terms that were not exactly good. If they were MY friends first (meaning he didn’t have their numbers, never hung out with them before we were together) then I should have the exclusive right to them after we break up!  It really grinds my gears when I see my friends interacting with someone I’m no longer involved with! I don’t even really know why. I don’t care if he and I remain friends… I like to keep my two worlds separated.

Am I wrong? What do you think??



  1. I’m late but to keep this from happening – keep the two world seperate from the start. That way no relationship is able to develop from the start. And when it is over – it is over.

    I’m normally able to remain friends with my exs friends, in that we are cordial when we see one another. But I’m normally that way with my exs too.

  2. If that were the case, you and I couldn’t be friends and my house warming wouldn’t have been the successful event that it was… I think it’s fine for friends to remain friends with exs. I suppose it’s up to my friends and how they perceive my ex OR how my exs friends view me.

  3. Worlds Collide…

  4. Whether right or wrong, you cannot fight your feelings – how you feel is how you feel! I think it is probably the same feeling people have when it is a friend that they “break up” with (versus a boyfriend). Technically/logically you’re wrong for being “salty”, but when it comes to matters of the heart, rationale kind of goes out of the window.

    I, too, think it is case-by-case…no right or wrong, but I would probably be salty too!


    miss young

  5. Idk how I feel about the situation. I guess its a case by case basis. I dont feel like I have exclusive rights over my friends, so regardless of how things ended btw me and someone, I cant tell or expect my friends who have developed meaningful friendships with this person to just stop them on account of me. As long as they arent coming to me and telling me everything about my ex (new gf’s, ect.) or telling my ex my business, then I see no problem. Im not gonna tell you your wrong bc is your life and you live it how you choose. Just giving my thoughts. Love the post though!

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