Am I Supposed to Be the Cat or the Mouse?

I’ve never been good at the cat and mouse game men and women are
supposed to play when dating!

Once I decide I like a guy I always want to just lay all my cards face
up on the table and hand them over to him. And then I want him to take
them, accept them and on top of that I want him to actually want to keep them too. But through my
experiences I’ve learned that this really isn’t a smart strategy for
this game. You can’t make someone want you just because of how you feel about them.

So when I try to play my cards close to my chest, I come off as aloof
and maybe disinterested and they in turn lose interest as well.

I’ve written several times that I don’t do well with finding the happy
medium in most situations relating to dating.

What do you guys do when you start dating someone?? The goal is to
keep their interest but at the same time not put yourself out there
too much & get your feelings hurt when they’re not as open to
receiving you as you’d hoped. How does one accomplish this?
What’s your method for sealing the deal?


Friends With My Exes

How do you guys feel about your friends maintaining friendships with your exes??

Honestly, it kinda makes me salty! Especially when we split on terms that were not exactly good. If they were MY friends first (meaning he didn’t have their numbers, never hung out with them before we were together) then I should have the exclusive right to them after we break up!  It really grinds my gears when I see my friends interacting with someone I’m no longer involved with! I don’t even really know why. I don’t care if he and I remain friends… I like to keep my two worlds separated.

Am I wrong? What do you think??

Last Speed Dating Event of the Summer

If you’re like me and you’re trying to get through this thing called dating, QUICKLY, then you should be at this event on Monday!

FrenchKissez in collaboration with 5Starr Productions is doing our last SPEED DATING event of the summer!! If you’ve never tried speed dating before, it’s guaranteed to at least be a fun new experience. Maybe you’ll even meet your next ex 😉

Last month the cupcakes I baked were a hit, and the shots were flowing (yeah, they were FREE!) Definitely a good time.

Mingle Mondays take place at Club Reality – 2625 Washington Blvd, Baltimore, MD — Sign up begins at 7pm AUGUST 16th

Did I mention this is a FREE event?? Come for dates and stay for the after party. Don’t forget to ask about the drink specials!

There are pool tables, and food too… so if you just want to come and hang out after work, join me! Come out and meet me, I love and appreciate the support!  Can’t wait to see all of you there!!

What Would They Say?

Lately I’ve been getting this question a lot: “What would your exes say about you?”

I’ve been responding with “how the heck would I know!”

I’d like to think they’d say I was a great girlfriend– generous and kind. I want to be remembered as supportive and trustworthy, honest and loyal. But who knows what my past beau’s would really say about me if asked? It makes me wonder. Although I remember playing this role for every one of my past “kissez” I’m not sure that they’d remember the experience in the same way. I’m sure “uptight” and “a nag” may be on their list of adjectives as well, and I think I’m fine with that. But I’m really curious to know if I was a great girlfriend/partner only in my mind… I reflect on most of these men and I do see some of my faults, but usually the light is shining on most of them as the guilty party and the reasons for our downfall. BUT I am also aware that there are two sides to every story, and then the truth.

I know some of my ex kissez read my blog… so what do you say?? I want to be well informed the next time I have to answer this question. LoL (Hoping I haven’t set myself up again with this one)

I know some of you are wondering the same thing about your exes! I’m also posing the question to you readers. What do you think your exes would say about you?