The Other Toothbrush

It’s been a long time since another toothbrush sat next to mine. Almost 2 years. I never even missed it until this morning. For some reason when I picked up my own toothbrush this today the empty spot next to it was more prevalent than it’s ever been since it was last occupied. I remember when he used to stand next to me, while brushing our teeth together. He was always finished first, but that’s a result of my slight habits of OCD. I don’t even miss him. I just miss the presence of someone in my space from time to time. I wonder how much longer that space above my sink will be empty.



  1. i am a mother of two and a full time student. So during the day i find it easy not to think about being single…. but when i go to bed at night thats when i miss that warm body next to mind….. sad but true,,, i feel u 😦

  2. I had the same feeling the other day. My house feel so empty. I miss my old boo.

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