I didn’t JUST start this!!

I guess I’ve been on this failing at love shit my whole life! I’ve been doing A LOT of reminiscing in the past few weeks. I posted some REALLY old photos on FB (there’s more to come) and I’ve been going through an entire overflowing drawer full of letters and notes and diaries I’ve been saving dating back to the 3rd grade. I came across several HILARIOUS entries about boys I used to like and their rejection of me 😦 Smh… some of it actually hurt my feelings now at 25 just reading them back. Most of them are situations I don’t even remember happening with crushes I don’t remember having. However, I must admit that I was always a writer. In 3rd grade I was writing things I shouldn’t have even known about at that age and my vocabulary was pretty expansive for a nine year old(#ImJustSayin’). I was a smart child, but my mind seems to have always been on boys! I rarely wrote about anything else in my diaries. I was pretty carefree, so I guess my crushes were the only things causing me concern. Even back then I was living by my theme of today – “How To Never Get A Guy But Still Try”!

So here’s what I wrote one day in 6th grade. I laughed out loud reading it and had to call a few of the participants on the phone to remind them of it. Here goes!

The names in this post have been changed to protect the innocent! (LoL)

January 7,1996

Dear Diary,

I asked Lenny to go out with me & he said he likes me, but he isn’t going out with anyone now. This boy Donovan who’s in eighth grade likes me, and I don’t like him but I’m going out with him partly because I feel sorry for him & partly to make Lenny jealous. Donovan is alright looking but he is fat. I still like Lenny but I want him to be jealous. My friends were so mad when Lenny said no to me my friend Silver called him a scrub & slapped him. Nate & his friends saw her slap him & they came over & they started saying ooh you let a white girl slap you. It was funny! I had to hold Silver back. I pushed her against the wall & she was still kicking, then he called her a trick & a hoe (my kind of man!)[<–no I did not just add that, I actually wrote it, LMAO]. She and Diana went to the principal’s office & he had to go to the office too. Diana & I had to go as witnesses. Lenny told the WHOLE story, me asking him out until him punching her in the stomach & then Silver took over from there. The whole situation was really embarrassing!

Meanwhile I have this problem with Donovan he is now my boyfriend. Donovan is in the eighth grade & I’m only in the sixth. Eighth grade and sixth grade don’t really see each other during the day and even though he lives up the block from me he takes the second bus and I take the first Webster Ave bus. I really don’t think this is going to work out. I would rather have Donovan as a friend than as a boyfriend, I’d rather it a whole lot more!

My cousin Melina and this boy Jose made me go out with Donovan. I really don’t know what I got myself into. Kay is so mad at me for going out with him. I hope this doesn’t turn out like my last relationship with Shawn [Shawn was my 1st “boyfriend” who broke up with me b/c of my lack of skills in kissing! ahahaha]. This week has been so very hectic. I wish that everything I wanted would go the way I wanted. Oh how I wish I could perform magic. My life is so confusing! It really is.

I’ll talk to you soon



The funny and ironic thing about this post is that even though it was written in 1996 and I’d forgotten all about it, this isn’t the first time “Lenny” has made it into FrenchKissez. . . 25 year old Lenny is as much of a character as 12 year old Lenny! (click here)

Feel free to leave your comments!



  1. haha! that is classic! the funniest line for me was “Donovan is alright looking but he is fat.” that was ruthless rofl. you seem like an awesome gurl so don’t let no man get you down 😉 if you need a love lift, watch the Sex & the City movie and you will believe in love again (at least until the sedation wares off!) haha

  2. This is so cute… I admire your parents! I wish MY MOM didn’t find every damn diary I had. I was always writing something fresh and I ended up having to destroy every last one of em to prevent myself from getting my ass kicked 😦 lol
    When we were younger boys were so confusing and the shock of my life was when I realized they weren’t going to become any clearer .

  3. “He called her a trick & a hoe…my kind of man”…

    I’m afraid for you.

  4. I just found the diary I kept during middle school I kept note of all the heartbreaks and sorrow kindda funny to see me write about girls I had crushes on waa waa

  5. This is hilarious! This reminds me of something from like “Clarissa explains it all” hahahaha. You did write well for a 6th grader though. Welcome back!

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