Thanks & Giving

Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays. . . mainly because of the food. I may only weigh a couple of pounds, but I LOVE to eat!

The reason I’m really into this holiday is not because of the legend of how it started. . . I know better than that. Those pilgrims weren’t thankful for the Native Americans. If they were, they had a funny way of showing it! But that’s a history lesson for a different blog.

I will always celebrate a reason to give thanks though. So here goes!

(in no particular order after the first sentence)

I’m THANKFUL for: Family, a small group of good friends, and health. I’m thankful for this blog being a creative outlet for all of the craziness that can sometimes surround me. I’m thankful for being able to see through these SUCKA MCs, laugh and move on (LoL).  Grateful that I’m allowed to make mistakes and learn and grow because of them. This next one is shallow but I’m thankful for my makeup collection and my figure.  Thankful that I’ve been allowed an education and the potential that I know is in myself to be an asset to whatever part of society I choose. My friends making families of their own… there so many new babies, husbands and wives around me lately! Past loves – they’ve all come with their own lessons. I’m thankful for what I’ve been able to give to others whether I could afford it at the time or not, God has always provided for me.

What are YOU thankful for??



  1. i think this year more then ever it’s important to be greatful and thankful for all the blessings in your life, large and small. This year in my house we are doing a sharing of things in our lives that we should be thankful for the first time. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. For a lot but you can check my’s too much to post


      • Thanks!!

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