Dr. Deception

I met this gentleman at a restaurant several months ago when I was promoting a speed dating event I was doing with the ladies of CocktailOur. He was so handsome, caribbean accent (I’m a sucka for those), well dressed, nice teeth and a doctorate degree in Mathematics! Well hello sir, how did you make your way out of my dreams to find me here in this restaurant?! We conversed at the bar for a bit and of course being as bold as I am (with a little coaxing from CocktailKay &Jay) I got his phone number and gave him mine before I left. I hadn’t even made it home before he was texting me to say “hey it was nice meeting you, when will I see you again?”.

We talked a couple late nights on the phone, and he revealed that he was in a relationship. His words were more like “I’m not married, but I’m involved with someone.” Uhm. . . Excuse me?? Well why did you give me your number then? He was attracted to me, he said. Okay, well fair enough, I can be charming when I decide to crack a smile! LoL Of course as expected this man was just too good to be true. We’ve still continued to talk on and off during the past few months. He’s tried to convince me to come meet him for a drink once or twice, but I declined. He doesn’t really  try to take me out anymore, but he still flirts. I liked him, he’s a nice guy, with a lot going for him. But I would never purposely go after a man who is in a relationship, despite the fact that this man lives in a gated community, and is a college professor in early thirties (I did say I want a slightly older man). His woman is lucky to have snatched him up!

Too bad today I found out that he is indeed MARRIED! Now ain’t that a B*TCH!

Moral of the Story: Even the seemingly “good guys” lie! (Ugh, I hate to sound like a man hater, but dammit! I will say that I do acknowledge that women lie & cheat too.)


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  1. That is so foul. His old ass should be ashamed of himself. Seriously, when is a man too old to be playing those types of games? 87? 92? If that community wasn’t gated we’d pay him a visit!

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