. . . Now Spit!

DISCLAIMER : Don’t hold this post against me, if it isn’t your cup of tea! FrenchKissez isn’t USUALLY this vulgar!  But hey, I’m human and a woman! If you are easily offended and/or prudish, you may not want to read the following conversation.

Frenchie: I hope my frigging cable is back on otherwise I’ll be watching porn cuz I’ve gone through my regular dvds
CocktailJay: wth you doing with porn?
Frenchie: eh I’m a single girl
I can never sit down and watch the whole thing though… I dunno how people do it
vaginas and penises and such are sooo ugly!
CocktailJay: I dont think men make it through the first 10 minutes honestly
Frenchie: LMAO! ew
And another thing, why are Black pornos SO vulgar!
(I know porn is supposed to be vulgar)
all the spitting, and spanking and cursing and carrying on… I wanna support the black actors (LMAO), but they make me nervous.
CocktailJay: I love them
i cant watch white porn
my porn has to be like my real sex life
Frenchie: ew
well I don’t do all of that angry talk and loud spitting noise
and angry yelling of “bitch” and so forth
CocktailJay: spitting?
Frenchie: you never seen those porns where the woman spits on the ping??
or the dude spits on the vag?
it’s in like every black porn!
CocktailJay: oh
they like that ish
ask men do they like it
Frenchie: eek!
I know they like it
but I don’t want to make the sounds
they just want it to be wet
I can do that in other ways
they want the simulation of an extra moist vagina that contracts harder than most. . . that doesn’t require vulgar noises. . .
LMAO that sounds SO gross
CocktailJay: No…they like the noises
and they like to see you spit on it
its not the same without the noises and the spit
they like the nastyness
and name calling
all that crap
its a visual thing…an experience. I dont think it’s necessarily always about the actual feeling
Frenchie: eek!
I need to ask a guy
I’m gonna blog it
I dunno if I should
CocktailJay: just post the conversation then ask what they think
Frenchie: Cool… I Dunno if I wanna reveal this much about my sex on the internet. . .
CocktailJay: lmao
its not about your sex
its about the video
Look, we all know you suck dick
get over it
Frenchie: WHOA!
CocktailJay: ahahaha
Frenchie: smh
you have NO proof of that
CocktailJay: Riiight
Frenchie: ::clutching pearls:: I neva!

What do you think people?? What’s your preference?



  1. SM@U……

  2. Have no problem with a chick that watches porn. A woman that is comfortable and confident in the board room is more than likely handling her buisness at home, ;-). Gotta love it! Sorry gotta send a text now, lol..Hope she answers.

  3. I watch porn and I’m a single girl. I like black/latin/brazilian porn..CJ is right the like all that ruff and vulgar stuff.. I do to at time…shhhh!!! LOL. I like for the guy to be aggressive…not to the point where he’ll beat me up….but enough to get me going…lmao

  4. stamp on what that guys said! the bigger the contrast is an understatement… see if she is mad classy in the streets, when you are with her you totally forget about the freak she is at home, until you get home! lol and when she reminds you, and goes super freak on you, its a huge turn on. its like a surprise birthday party every time! haha the freakier the better. the sounds add to the feeling…cause not only can you see whats going on, and feel whats going on, the sounds intensify it that much more! its all about the stimulation of all the senses! if thats not your cup of tea thats cool too, cause if the head and the sex is good, without the noise, thats a good look as well. actually can be a better look in most cases cause good head and good sex consistency is actually what most men really realistically want in the first place. the spitting and all is part of extended the fantasy.

    just an honest males perspective!

  5. Nice post…. We like it all. Freak in the sheets, lady in the streets. The bigger the contrast, the better. Lol

    • Right on!!

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