You Ain’t Got Ta LIE Craig!!

I'm no victim though

Let me preface this by saying: I am by no means perfect!

With that said, I’ll say this. I like a dude who is flawed. Clearly. BUT I can’t stand a liar! I don’t expect any guy to come to the table without his own life’s situations and baggage. At 23+ we are all carrying a little bit of something with us. I try to be as up front as possible : “I write a blog about my jacked up dating life so don’t be shady and you don’t have to worry.”, “I’m emotional”, “I don’t keep up with sports, so don’t expect me to care, but I’ll pass you a beer” and “let me know if you’re  still seeing other people, cuz I will too.”

Despite this, I find that men still feel the need to shadow the truth with half truths or blatant untruths. I’m tired of getting into things and finding out that under the surface his life isn’t what he made it out to be. I have a friend who had an issue with a guy she’s been seeing which perfectly describes what I’m talking about. She got involved, they were intimate regularly then she finds out he has a “girlfriend”. WTF? Now he’s mad because he says she doesn’t understand his situation. Yeah, well maybe if he had tried to explain it, she could have decided for herself whether or not she wanted to get further involved with this man. He didn’t give her that option. He just may well be trying to break things off completely with this “ex”, but apparently she still thinks she’s the current and he knows it. And now my friend is looking like the bad guy from the outside looking in. What’s a woman to do?

I’ve definitely been there myself. Several times.  Men and women lie differently. So far my experience is that men will lie and REALLY start believing their lies to be truth, getting angry when you dispute it (proof or no proof)… or they’ll get their story so mixed up it’s just not believable after the 5 detailed question. I’m not stupid. I can smell a lie it’s my 7th sense (don’t ask me what my 6th is). I’m pretty good at weeding out the truth if I do say so myself. I think that’s why my cheating exes used to get so upset… why lie then?? hmmm? The truth is always better. It may get you in trouble, but at least you can say you were honest, and that will save you from half the wrath of whoever you’re lying to!

What’s the point of lying anyway?? I guess that’s my final question… why do PEOPLE (not just men) lie in matters of dating??



  1. I absolutely agree when you said that guys lie and actually start to believe their own lies after a while. I hate for us to sound like we are male bashing but its the truth! They lie for no reason, and I have yet to figure out why.

  2. Sorry, dyslexic fingers on a waaaayyyyy too small laptop keyboard (really more PDA on ‘roids than anything else if you must know) that sentence up there should read, “bank accounts and pee-pees…” etc., not “back accounts”, pffft so sorry… 😉

  3. Because the inadequacy that is typically the real them is too scary to admit… wow that sounds deeper than I meant it to be… let’s try that again, men lie because they are hiding the fact that their back accounts and pee-pees are both wee, little, things that are, in the big picture, insignificant at best, totally hilarious at worst… women typically don’t lie some much as they strive to cover the truth of what they might be doing when you’re not around, i.e., hacking your computer, tossing your closet, reading your mail, and so on and so forth… I would love to know what you’re 6th sense is I’ve found that I have a pretty evolved bullshit meter myself, so it’s always fun to meet like-minded people… come visit my blog if you can, and I will definitely come back here and read more of your insightful posts. Any chance one of your otherworldly senses can “sense” tomorrow’s lotto numbers for me?? 😉

  4. Your friend is a strong woman. She sounds like she’s physically attractive too.

  5. Best part of the post was you saying, “I don’t follow sports…but I’ll hand you a beer”

    But I think that people lie, especially in relationships, because they feel that hiding things is a better way than saying a hard truth. People who lie, will usually always want to hold on to their cards and not show their hand. It can be looked at as a control issue. The one who knows the most information is in control…and therefore has the power.

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