Dodged a Bullet

I’m doing my usual morning Facebook routine. I happen to notice that today’s the birthday of this guy I was seeing for a little while last year. What we had wasn’t too serious but we were seeing each other somewhat frequently then stopped for a bit and kinda sparked up again for just a few weeks earlier this year. (secretly, I think 2009 was my year of the backsies! smdh) Nothing ever worked out with us, because I could tell he had no major goals for his life. Just to be a worker forever as long as he was making enough to take care of himself. No higher education, or entrepreneurial aspirations. So I couldn’t take him serious, and I think he didn’t care either. lol

Anyway, I go to his wall to wish him the generic “Happy Birthday, have a great day, be safe!” and I see his picture… He’s standing next to a girl who has this huge smile on her face and he’s holding on to her BABY BUMP! Uhhm… yikes! All I can say is : I’m GLAD IT WASN’T ME!!


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