I Can’t Read Between Your Lines!

Call Me Now!!

Lately the men I’ve been speaking to are expecting me to read their minds. Let me remind them that my name isn’t Ms. Cleo, and even she was a fake.

Don’t be disappointed when you don’t tell me DIRECTLY what you want to happen and I don’t automatically infer what you want from what you actually said. I thought this was a woman’s trait that men complained about. But I guess sometimes the shoe is on the other foot.

I can’t deal with passive decision-making. Either you want to hang out or you don’t. Please don’t put the implication out there without actually making the suggestion, because I’m not going to suggest it for you. If you want to go out, then say “let’s go out” and I’ll tell you if I feel like it. . . or not.

Maybe this stuff is annoying me so much lately because I’m on my “dude shit” this year. As you’ve been reading, I’m just enjoying being REALLY SINGLE this year. No ambiguous relationships with men that I’m investing valuable time into. I’m off that.

I can’t do the Hot and Cold shit anymore. Either you’re into me or you’re not. And if you’re not, I probably don’t care anyway. I’ve been pretty much emotionally unavailable this year. I haven’t come across anyone for whom I’m willing to take the risk of feeling something.

So if we’ve crossed paths “romantically” this year and it didn’t work out and maybe you thought you left some kind of off-putting emotion in me, you didn’t. I probably don’t even remember why we stopped dealing with each other. I’d have to go back into the blog archives from CocktailOur to find you.

I do know there was this one dude, we were hanging heavy for a couple of weeks, and I think I could’ve gotten into him. But then his sports season came around and he kinda disappeared. I’m not one to hold grudges, even before I started on my new kick, so I’m not mad at him. Really, why should I care about someone who has more interest in a sport he’s not getting paid off of than he does in me? It’s not that serious.  Maybe when the season’s over we can resume our fling… but ehh, we both might be off that. I refuse to be confused over situations like this one. I only brought it up for the purpose of using examples of lack of communication.

And there’s this other fella (I’m starting to use that word now thanks to Ms. T. Ali) who I feel wants me to chase him… I will NOT. Just let me be! Don’t put words into my mouth; don’t try to decipher a deeper meaning from what I say (or write). Just let it flow. If something is supposed to happen, it will naturally. That’s what I’m about now. Say what you want, say what you mean and I’ll do the same.  He cuts me off when I don’t say what he’s expecting me to and then a few days later we’re back on again.  It’s craziness. LoL, but like usual I’m riding the wave with my hands up!



  1. Ha Ha I know who your speakin of too. Let it all out mama

    • Eek!

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