New Message – This texting thing has gone TOO FAR!


Hi everyone! How was your Thanksgiving break??¬†Mine went pretty well. I got to see my beautiful Godson who is getting soo big ūüôā And I was able to spend time with a lot of my friends who I don’t get to see while living in Baltimore. Soooo, all in all, despite the minor “car accident” I got into with and IRATE man driving a blue camaro during the 7 hour trip back to Baltimore, it was a GREAT weekend!

While I was on the road back I spent a couple of HOURS on the phone with a close guy friend. He and his girlfriend recently broke up and I was asking about the hows and whys of it all. He told me that¬† one day she said there was something about him that turned her off, without being specific about what that “something” was. So he in turn told her, forget it, let’s just break up! I already knew that he was somewhat unhappy with the relationship that was still pretty new at the time. They’d only been together for about a month. I’m not sure how long they were dating before making it official. He’s in grad school, she’s working. Their schedules weren’t matching up. And neither of the two (in my outside opinion) seemed to be making much of an effort to make it work.

Of course no one wants to be a dumpee so she started to protest his resolution to what she said, saying they could work it out. I’m guessing his feelings/pride were slightly bruised that his girlfriend would say something like that to him. So he said “Eff it!”.

I was in total support of his decision to break up with her while he was telling me the story. I did, however, think he should’ve tried to figure out what it was that was making her uncomfortable in the relationship though. But if he’s happier by himself (he never was one for relationships), then he should be by himself. Then while ending the story telling me about their conversation, he says “yeah but this was all in text message so… blah blah blah”

I cut him off as soon as he said “text message”. TEXT MESSAGE?? Uhm… I know it’s almost 2010 and all, and we’re in the age of technology — unlimited texting, twitter, facebook, etc but my goodness! When did breaking up via text message become acceptable and proper?!? The whole time he was telling me the story I thought he meant they were using their voices and having an actual conversation. I think it’s disrespectful, cowardly and somewhat immature to end a relationship with a digital message. I know they weren’t together for long at all, but still… whatever happened to common courtesy??

I actually have been the “victim” of a text message breakup in the past. It was one of those “WTF-am-I-reading??” moments. Followed by my quick dialing and loud talking (read screaming & cursing) on the phone. How rude!

  • Have any of you ever broken up with someone by means of text/email/twitter/facebook?? Why would someone choose one of those methods rather than a face to face or even a phone call?
  • Have you ever been broken up with via text or internet?? What was your reaction??

Here’s the Twitter feedback: “Breaking up via text message. . . what do you all think??”

“Immature, especially for the 21 and older crowd! and impersonal..guess it wouldnt matter at the point of breakup tho”


“unacceptable and immature…yet very funny lol”

“lmao that’s tacky and shows a lack of respect for the other person and a lack of integrity for urself”

“Cowardice + 100% b!tch-move”

“if it’s you doing the breaking up it’s cool. But major issues via text is not a good look”


Flaws and All

I like my men slightly physically  flawed. . .

whether it’s a stomach pudge, a larger than life nose, lumpy head or tiny tool … bring it on! I like to be the only semi-perfect body in the relationship. This way, they can’t hold it against me when I get old and let myself go! I met you looking like that. . . at least you had time to let mine grow on you! LMAO!!

This post is sooo wrong, but I don’t care. Ha!

Thanks & Giving

Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays. . . mainly because of the food. I may only weigh a couple of pounds, but I LOVE to eat!

The reason I’m really into this holiday is not because of the legend of how it started. . . I know better than that. Those pilgrims weren’t thankful for the Native Americans. If they were, they had a funny way of showing it! But that’s a history lesson for a different blog.

I will always celebrate a reason to give thanks though. So here goes!

(in no particular order after the first sentence)

I’m THANKFUL for: Family, a small group of good friends, and health. I’m thankful for this blog being a creative outlet for all of the craziness that can sometimes surround me. I’m thankful for being able to see through these SUCKA MCs, laugh and move on (LoL). ¬†Grateful that I’m allowed to make mistakes and learn and grow because of them. This next one is shallow but I’m thankful for my makeup collection and my figure. ¬†Thankful that I’ve been allowed an education and the potential that I know is in myself to be an asset to whatever part of society I choose. My friends making families of their own… there so many new babies, husbands and wives around me lately! Past loves – they’ve all come with their own lessons. I’m thankful for what I’ve been able to give to others whether I could afford it at the time or not, God has always provided for me.

What are YOU thankful for??

Dr. Deception

I met this gentleman at a restaurant several months ago when I was promoting a speed dating event I was doing with the ladies of CocktailOur. He was so handsome, caribbean accent (I’m a sucka for those), well dressed, nice teeth and a doctorate degree in Mathematics! Well hello sir, how did you make your way out of my dreams to find me here in this restaurant?! We conversed at the bar for a bit and of course being as bold as I am (with a little coaxing from CocktailKay &Jay) I got his phone number and gave him mine before I left. I hadn’t even made it home before he was texting me to say “hey it was nice meeting you, when will I see you again?”.

We talked a couple late nights on the phone, and he revealed that he was in a relationship. His words were more like “I’m not married, but I’m involved with someone.”¬†Uhm. . . Excuse me?? Well why did you give me your number then? He was attracted to me, he said. Okay, well fair enough, I can be charming when I decide to crack a smile! LoL Of course as expected this man was just too good to be true. We’ve still continued to talk on and off during the past few months. He’s tried to convince me to come meet him for a drink once or twice, but I declined. He doesn’t really ¬†try to take me out anymore, but he still flirts. I liked him, he’s a nice guy, with a lot going for him. But I would never purposely go after a man who is in a relationship, despite the fact that this man lives in a gated community, and is a college professor in early thirties (I did say I want a slightly older man). His woman is lucky to have snatched him up!

Too bad today I found out that he is indeed MARRIED! Now ain’t that a B*TCH!

Moral of the Story: Even the seemingly “good guys” lie! (Ugh, I hate to sound like a man hater, but dammit! I will say that I do acknowledge that women lie & cheat too.)

New Additions

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365 Days of Numbness. . .


2009 is almost over. I’ve been reflecting on my year all day. I believe this is the first year that I haven’t experienced any real heartache since 2000… I wasn’t seriously involved with anyone. No real emotional attachments. I’ve just been by myself – a few lingering encounters here and there. I don’t know if I’m happy about it or sad about it. Does this mean I’m losing my hope for Love? I don’t feel romantic about anyone at all. Of course, as you’ve read I’ve had one or two brief infatuations which lead to slight disappointments but I barely even remember those feelings so I guess it wasn’t that big of a deal anyway.

Anyway, all I know is that I have been B-O-R-E-D with my love life this year. Yes, I have been amused by the antics of one or two not-so-gentlemanly beings, but ehhh… I want to be EXCITED! I’m waiting for that tingle, that anxiousness and that topsy-turvy feeling to return to me. I guess in the meantime I should practice patience. Hopefully 2010 will bring the paddles to jumpstart my heart.

. . . Now Spit!

DISCLAIMER : Don’t hold this post against me, if it isn’t your cup of tea! FrenchKissez isn’t USUALLY this vulgar! ¬†But hey, I’m human and a woman! If you are easily offended and/or prudish, you may not want to read the following conversation.

Frenchie: I hope my frigging cable is back on otherwise I’ll be watching porn cuz I’ve gone through my regular dvds
CocktailJay: wth you doing with porn?
Frenchie: eh I’m a single girl
I can never sit down and watch the whole thing though… I dunno how people do it
vaginas and penises and such are sooo ugly!
CocktailJay: I dont think men make it through the first 10 minutes honestly
Frenchie: LMAO! ew
And another thing, why are Black pornos SO vulgar!
(I know porn is supposed to be vulgar)
all the spitting, and spanking and cursing and carrying on… I wanna support the black actors (LMAO), but they make me nervous.
CocktailJay: I love them
i cant watch white porn
my porn has to be like my real sex life
Frenchie: ew
well I don’t do all of that angry talk and loud spitting noise
and angry yelling of “bitch” and so forth
CocktailJay: spitting?
Frenchie: you never seen those porns where the woman spits on the ping??
or the dude spits on the vag?
it’s in like every black porn!
CocktailJay: oh
they like that ish
ask men do they like it
Frenchie: eek!
I know they like it
but I don’t want to make the sounds
they just want it to be wet
I can do that in other ways
they want the simulation of an extra moist vagina that contracts harder than most. . . that doesn’t require vulgar noises. . .
LMAO that sounds SO gross
CocktailJay: No…they like the noises
and they like to see you spit on it
its not the same without the noises and the spit
they like the nastyness
and name calling
all that crap
its a visual thing…an experience. I dont think it’s necessarily always about the actual feeling
Frenchie: eek!
I need to ask a guy
I’m gonna blog it
I dunno if I should
CocktailJay: just post the conversation then ask what they think
Frenchie: Cool… I Dunno if I wanna reveal this much about my sex on the internet. . .
CocktailJay: lmao
its not about your sex
its about the video
Look, we all know you suck dick
get over it
Frenchie: WHOA!
CocktailJay: ahahaha
Frenchie: smh
you have NO proof of that
CocktailJay: Riiight
Frenchie: ::clutching pearls:: I neva!

What do you think people?? What’s your preference?