Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! You’re FAR Too Kind!

Last night I got the best surprise I’ve had in a while!

My sister called me and said she had an extra Jay-Z ticket and I could go with her if I wanted! *SCORE!!!* (Shout out to the big sister for making good things rain on me this week!) I didn’t even mind standing outside in the rain as I waited for her while she was stuck in traffic on her way from DC to Baltimore. I was going to see HOV who cares if I’m wet!!

I came home from the concert last night and tweeted this :

“I have no energy to get undressed and ready for bed… Jay wore me out!! He got me more excited than most sex I’ve had this year! … :-/”

Sadly, it’s true… The concert was so amazing. I didn’t sit down once! We missed Wale who was one part of the opening act, but were in time to see Pharell and N.E.R.D. All of this culminated into the best sex I’ve had all year and I didn’t even have to take my clothes off or fake the excitement! Granted, this “drought” is self-induced, but the few times I did do “the grown up” it usually didn’t get me there… ::Big Siiigh:: maybe the next time I get intimate I’ll blast some Jay in the background. Just an idea.

Anyway, THANKS again to my sister for bringing me along. I green with envy all day from everyone tweeting about the concert and I just KNEW I wasn’t going! But I did, and for FREE.99 at that! ❤ !

(shout out to MSU for being DEEP in the arena last night! Felt something like homecoming again, lol)



  1. Wow, that’s awesome! And that tweet is hilarious. I go to see DMB every year and it’s always raining and we are a bit drunky and happy and dancing all night! I just love those nights.

  2. Morgan was definitely in the building at the concert. This was the 4th time I seen JayZ perform live, It was an AMAZING concert!!!

  3. Steven… don’t be sexually propositioning my friend on her blog…take that freakishness over to CocktailOur.


  4. This is absurd, 2009 and cds is turning on women more than people. What you need is a true freak, to bring the real freak out of you. Keep it behind closed doors, but it will surely make you press stop on the cds. Throw some spice into it, or just go on a one night stand for 1 week straight, get it out of your system.

  5. “I have no energy to get undressed and ready for bed… Jay wore me out!! He got me more excited than most sex I’ve had this year! … :-/”

    smh at the dudes you messing with

    • yeah. . . I’m shaking my head at these dudes too. Ah well! I have my Jigga CDs to keep me company!

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