One time as we laid there spent,

He actually said what he meant

He whispered “I love you”

I said “me too”

He never said it again,

Things were never the same,

And that was the end of us.

(a year and a half later he has the nerve to say, “remember when I said I loved you?”, I said “yes but you didn’t tell me on purpose then you acted like you didn’t say it” he says “yes, but I meant it”  . . . ::black stare:: WTF?!  LoL, I dislike him for that…)



  1. Can a guy be afraid that his, “I love you” maybe real and he just hasn’t learned how to deal with it??? Or maybe he wants to get his “stuff” in order and make sure his “house” in order to ensure that the potential relatiohship that he is about to get into will have no external “issues”. I’m just saying. lol..

  2. Pretty Much..this is why I say guys are emotionally unstable…they say one thing..then do

  3. I can see how my post reminded you of this…
    this is the reason I hesitate now. I said I love you to the last guy I dated, he didn’t love me back. So I waited. And waited. And FREAKING WAITED!
    Eventually we broke up (about 6 months later) and then a year and a half after that he called to say he was in love with me. Oh well, buddy. Too little, way too late!

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