Hey Lovelies! I know I haven’t posted in a while. But I think I have something you will like today. Here is another post tagged to our “Other’s Kissez” category!

Read what happened to Miss Mistress of Intuition…

Short, tall, medium, small…chocolate , light, however you like… I’m starting to believe that all men are in fact the same! It’s situations like this that just make good women like myself just want to throw in towel.

-The pursuit
So I met this guy about a year ago. I mean he was ok… he had the whole t.d.h. (Tall dark and handsome) thing going on. He seemed cool so after much hesitation and procrastination a month later I decided, why not! Every thing was great…at first( isn’t that the way it always is though). Everything from surprise dates,  to great conversation this guy seemed like, one of the good ones.  He always told me he was dating other people until he found the right one , and I respected him for his honesty. Although he gave me the world, I didn’t expect much from him because of this reason and there was just something that kept telling me to hold back. So I did. For weeks, sometimes months at a time. He’d blow up every line of communication I had,cell, email, you name it…even a suprise visit to my job, just to say hi. Although I never dated him consistently, we were good friends, and like I said I respected the fact that he was always honest with me.  Not that I was trying to be a tease but, until I figured out what didn’t seem right, I wasn’t about to put all my eggs in one basket.

-A few months later . . .
So now we’ve come to late august early september and for some reason me and this guy have become heavier and heavier. It seemed like we were actually dating…for more than a period at a time. So being the woman I am, I don’t like wasting my time, so I decided to have the “talk” about where this was going. And based off that conversation we had, I was finally convinced that maybe, just maybe, I can let a few walls down and try to build something more…because he seemed ready. Boy was I wrong……….

-The climax and ending

One night, I decided to be nice pick him up from work so we could spend time together at his apartment. Everything’s going great until we get back to his apartment and the doorbell rings.  He proceeds to tell, (not ask me) to go into his bedroom . Ok ( after all, I don’t like to judge a situation without more information)… I did it… but about 10 minutes after realizing he was no where to be found, I put on my stuff and proceeded to the door. And what do I find? He’s there chatting it up with some chick! So being the reserved woman I am, I walk right past them with just a look, and walked to my car. Then I’m not sure at what point it happened but the gangsta in me took control and sped right back over there and made the FINAL confrontation. After talking with this girl it turns out this lil busta has a had a girlfriend for three months and she even has his key! Not to mention they’re planning a vacation away for christmas! Oh no he didn’t. And that easily, I went from the “good potential girl” to “side piece” without any warning. Luckily his “girlfriend” was passive and corny, so she didn’t say much which worked out well in her favor because I would have had to shut her up quickly. Enraged I began to talk to him, asking the usual, “why didn’t you just say something…I wouldve let you go… I didn’t even need your sorry ass”…blah blah blah.. After he said absolutely nothing, he proceeded to just barely look at me and push ME out! With a look that spoke a thousand words of how much I didn’t mean to him…but she did after a few months.  Okay kicking me out is fine, but ummmm  I wasn’t finished yet dammit! So after a couple punches to his head,  and the launching of my keys to his face, I was finally out the door which he slammed in my face. I hope this time I left a mark, he can remember.

Moral of this story: Your first instinct is your best instinct.

As for his “girlfriend”, sadly, by him kicking me out, she’ll probably stay with him and deal with all his corney bullshit. Looking passed the humiliation and anger, I was actually the lucky one.  I wish her pathetic ass all the best.

The Mistress of Intuition



  1. No he didn’t touch you!! That calls for a keying of the car lol but seriously

  2. Okay Thug Misses,

    I think I wouldn’t reacted almost in the same manner. She probably is going to stay with him, because he sort of proved his self to her. Somewhat at least to her satisfaction.

  3. Way to end w a bang!

  4. …wow. Why would he even take you back to his place if he knew his situation. That’s just piss poor. But wow…sometimes I get ashamed of how guys can act…

  5. Well, as I have always said some folks just want to get caught. Now a dude that is really out there doing what his thang is not gonna; 1 give his woman a key to his place, 2 bring a chick home to his place, 3 dumb ish. I feel for the women that have to go through this type of stuff I really do and I have been guilty of it myself, but never caught. We always want to not only know if the grass is really green but what it feels like to lougne around in it.

  6. Thanks for the support guys…thanks frenchie for giving me an outlet to vent:-) What gets me the most was that I wasn’t even feenin to be with him! He was all over me! The way this dude went about it was just disgusting and unforgivable. Its like he kept trying to be with me because of his pride…since I wasn’t all over him. Ugh! But like I said, I’m the lucky one.

  7. Sooo… what I want to know is : WHAT was his game plan?? If you really decided to camp out in the room and wait for him… how was he gonna get her/you out of there without being caught?? What was his explanation for you being in the bedroom gonna be? “She’s fixing my cable” ?? LOL smh @ stupid dudes.

    If he knows his girl has a key, why is he messing around with “other” women in his apartment?? AND as far as I’m concerned, SHE is the other woman, because you were seeing him longer. 😦

    sorry hun, you didn’t deserve any of this mess!


  8. I have said this OVER and OVER and OVER. Why cant guys just keep it real?! If you are talking to someone, just say it! I hate the way they want to have their cake and eat it too. This is what leads to CCS……..crazy chick sydrome.

  9. I suggest we go finish what was started. I have a black hoody with that ninja’s name on it. I’ve been there. Boy have I been there. And yes, she’s going to stay. Better her than you. Let’s hope that he does the same thing to her in a few months so that she can get out of the situation too.

    I hope you drew blood.

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