French Kissing

Remember when you were in middle school and the rumor mill would buzz all day because the school’s “hot couple” was planning to kiss after school behind the building by the tennis courts (okay, maybe my school is the only middle school that had a tennis court, but you get my drift!)??  Kissing used to get almost the same amount of attention as a three o’clock fight! What ever happened to those days?

Now it seems like we tend to skip right over the joys of a heated make-out session and move right along to sex. Since when does a kiss mean you’re getting laid? LoL, you might just get disappointed! I’m not giving in to the pressures of sex. Call me a tease if you want to, but I’m revisiting the days of being 17 when kissing was kissing and sex didn’t exist to me — okay well maybe I started “going all the way” before I was 17, but I’m gonna stick with the 17 story, k? I think it sounds more appropriate! lol.

I want to just be able to spend time with someone, kiss and cop a few feels and just go back to doing whatever it was we were doing before we start swapping dna.  I think it’s almost as much fun as the actual act…  minus the lil explosion at the end!

I’m not gonna tell you what my inspiration for this post was but… tell me what you think? Do you think that being an adult and dating has to include intercourse. I don’t really believe that it’s the equivalent of being an adult. Making out isn’t just for kids anymore! I’d rather catch the flu than risk contracting another disease that’s MUCH harder to get rid of!

[uhhh sidenote… please don’t misunderstand me though – I don’t really plan on becoming a born again virgin. I’m just declaring my excitement about kissing! 😉  ]



  1. I love kissing and making out. To much emphasis has been placed on the actual act of sex and people have lost the steps that lead to an intimate moment (which I believe sex is supposed to be anyways). Sex in all forms is cool…but lets have some build up. Let have our passions be transferred by our mouths.

    I love just making out with my wife. It’s awesome…and sometimes is just exactly what I need.

    Here’s a post that I read a few days ago that I think ties in with this…


  2. Well, I have been called on this before, lol..ummm back in the day kissing was our ish! Besides, I dont know about any other guy out there but I was scared to “go all the way”. In Junior high we had to sit in the auditorium and watch clips of what STDs looked like after contracted. One stuck out in my mind that looked life Coliflower (sp) don’t remember what it is but it was freaking nasty and I wont eat that crap either. PTSD! lol..I will say that I have had encounters with no kissing and asked why. Your not my woman and that is very intimate to me so you will not get that much of me. Besides I can cover the poll I cant cover the tongue, lol..Sorry. I do agree about the foreplay but if the chick is roller, jumpoff, or scheduled appointment (for my 9-5 folks, lol) or bopper then we don’t share all of that. I come they go! Just that simple.

  3. IDK…I love to kiss, but I consider it quite “special” and or intimate because of exactly what you said: it’s “swapping DNA”. In many cases, sex is protected and while the risk of getting an STD still looms in the background, most diseases down there are curable (except for the “Hi-5 a.k.a. “The Die Slow”), no? Well, with kissing, there’s herpes and the “invisible” diseases that last a lifetime.

    If I kiss a guy that just kissed a girl that sucked off the entire entourage of some local celebrity…it’s kind of gross what things, diseases and infestatations could be lying dormant in me after that one kiss, with that one guy.

    Like I said, I like to kiss, but I see why some people don’t. Over the years a lot of my guy friends won’t kiss their “boo”, “J.O.” and even their girl in the mouth. I thinks it’s a bit disrespectful to be able to have sex with someone regularly, but not share a kiss, but…I see the other side too. Most people don’t ask for documentation of HIV status and we know for certain people aren’t checking for herpes, etc.!

    Just playing devil’s advocate; I’m on the fence about how I really feel.


    miss young

    • mmm, good point!
      It’s funny that people have sex with people they won’t even kiss. I do agree that kissing is emotional. My point was just that. Shouldn’t we be at the stage where we feel comfortable kissing each other BEFORE the sex thing?? Why get sexually intimate with someone you wouldn’t even give mouth to mouth to?? LoL

      I don’t consider myself a jumpoff (who really does though?? But I’m REALLY not)… but I have HAD jumpoffs of my own (in the uhh… past) and I’ve definitely had sex without kissing. BUT never with someone I WOULDN’t kiss… that’s kinda nasty. There should be some level of trust there.

      Let’s just all go back to starting slow. Maybe forget the kissing part and go back to our mom’s front steps where we knew we were being watched, so all we could do was talk and get to know one another! I’m with it.

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