As The Gas Burns. . .

fart shirt

Frenchie: GOOD MORNING!!!

Cocktail J: better?

Frenchie: it was fine



sooo listen

I had company last night. . .

since I’m on my cycle, I’m madd gassy!

OMG, it was killing me holding that ish in!!


Cocktail J: hahahaha

thats the worse



why didn’t you just go to the bathroom?

they should make a gas cup that suctions on to your anus and catches the gas


or at least neutralizes the smell

Frenchie: LMAO!!!!!

I tried that, but you know how gas moves around once you shift positions?

Every time I got up I couldn’t do it!

Cocktail J: lol

thats pretty funny

Frenchie: it wasn’t!

now I’m sitting in my office letting it rip!

Cocktail J: ewwww


Frenchie: I’m about to post this conversation on my blog! lmao

it’s sooo unfair. Men are expected to do things like pass gas and take dumps that smell like gasoline but women have to keep the dainty persona facade going. . .

Cocktail J: Yeah…exactly why my husband and i have to have two bathrooms


keep the mystery

Frenchie: lmao woooord.



  1. lol….that is super funny and true

  2. yeah…but as the relationship grows older…a lot of mysteries are uncovered. TRUST ME!!!

  3. Lol. Omg…your friends are idiots.

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