Why Are You So Paranoid??


Have you ever dated someone whose needless paranoia/jealousy was just off the charts?? Maybe you’ve even been that person!

These people ask the same question a million different ways to see if your answer changes. He or she  needs constant validation and confirmation about why you’re with them. “Why do you love me”, “What is it that you love about me”, “Do you really love me?” – those questions are heard at least once a day in any given random conversation about the weather, or your love for cheese.

Those are the most annoying people I’ve come across in my experiences. I don’t want to have to constantly explain to you what’s appealing about you. You should have the confidence in yourself to know that you’re worth my time. If not, then maybe you aren’t actually worth it. We should know that we are both deserving of each other.

Of course it’s nice to hear the accolades every now and then. Everyone wants to know that they are appreciated and love, but I refuse to feel like I’m building a case to be tried in “relationship court”!

Aside from those matters which I believe arise from self-esteem issues, there’s the factor of jealousy that I cannot deal with. Of course I don’t think I should ask anyone to trust me blindly, but I don’t feel like I should have to account for every minute of my day to make you feel secure that I’m not doing anything deceitful.Is it worth being in the relationship if you can’t trust the person you’re with is with you (and only you) for the right reasons?

(I liked that picture because it looks like the bird is pecking a hole through the other bird’s head.)


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  1. To me there’s nothing worse. Know that you’re worthy of the time you share with the other three men I’m dating. I picked you as a solid fourth for a reason. Have some confidence!! Be proud!!

    But really, having to constantly reassure someone can get annoying. Especially when you’ve run out of things to say. You start repeating things and your partner says something crazy like “You already said that”. Of course I’ve already said that, this is the sixth time I’ve had to tell you this week!! Why don’t you write some things down & I’ll say those. lol.

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