My Bathroom Woes

I hate when I go into the bathroom at work and there’s someone in there just standing there. . . like, what the hell are you doing?? Either use it or get out! Are you standing around to listen to me pee? I’m not Oprah! (Oprah once said she lines the toilets in public bathrooms with paper because sometimes people stand around to hear her pee! Gross right? But I definitely started lining toilets after I heard her say that! Not because I think I’m famous or anything but mostly because I hate people hearing me pee… I run water too.)

You don’t have to wait around, I promise I’ll wash my hands when I’m done! Who hangs out in public bathrooms anyway? MAADDD germs!!!

That’s my rant for the day.


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  1. I run water when I pee too! Lol

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