ski trip pic

I think this might be the move for my 26th birthday!

I have an awesome group of friends who also happen to be party promotors. They go by R.S. Entertainment (don’t ask what the R.S. stands for. . . you wouldn’t get it, LoL).  I always have a great time at all of their events.

Last year they hosted a Ski Trip on my birthday weekend. But my pockets wouldn’t allow me to go. That, and I couldn’t muster up a boo (as usual) to go with me! I regret not just rounding up a group of my girls and just spending the money to go because EVERYONE who went said it was awesome. I feel like I’m gonna be left out of a few “inside jokes” forever now! LoL it’s okay though, cuz I’m going this time!

Really, the price is definitely NOT BAD for what’s included: Two nights stay at the resort,  transportation (from DC and Baltimore),  4 meals at the all you can eat buffet, Trey Songz, Music Soulchild & Chrisette Michele in concert and most importantly a 12 hour PREMIUM OPEN BAR! Plus plenty of other activities once you get there.

Sooo, this is where I’ll be for my birthday in February  2010… not that long from now.

Check out their website for more info on the trip: http://www.rsentertainment.net

And if you’re going, don’t forget to mention to them that you heard about it here at FRENCH KISSEZ !!



  1. I REALLY considered going on this trip when I went to the link lol. Too bad I’m all the way in Alabama 😦

    • Aww! If you can find a cheap flight up here, you should come!!
      They just added buses leaving from Pittsburgh and NYC!

  2. French Good looking on the blogpost! We promise this one is going to be a blast!!! I tell you what, let us know that you found out about this through French Kissez and we will make sure that you are in on most if not all the inside jokes so you dont feel left out. Once you go on one of these trips we do, you become part of the family! FIRST DEPOSITS ARE DUE BY THE END OF THE OCTOBER 1ST, 2009 WEEKEND!!!! NO LESS THAN $50!!!

    COME CHECK OUT THE SITE! http://www.rsentertainment.net !!!!!

    and keep an eye on this blog…im sure soon its going to blow up! keep the posts coming Miss French… love how you keep it funky! lol

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