My Bathroom Woes

I hate when I go into the bathroom at work and there’s someone in there just standing there. . . like, what the hell are you doing?? Either use it or get out! Are you standing around to listen to me pee? I’m not Oprah! (Oprah once said she lines the toilets in public bathrooms with paper because sometimes people stand around to hear her pee! Gross right? But I definitely started lining toilets after I heard her say that! Not because I think I’m famous or anything but mostly because I hate people hearing me pee… I run water too.)

You don’t have to wait around, I promise I’ll wash my hands when I’m done! Who hangs out in public bathrooms anyway? MAADDD germs!!!

That’s my rant for the day.



At what point does your interaction with a guy/girl make it unsafe to date his friend??  LoL, before you say “DON’T DO IT!“,  hear me out. . .

Just because he’s interested in me, does that mean I can’t prefer his friend?

This guy used to like me. We hung out  plenty of times. I didn’t want to hurt his feelings so I never really told him I wasn’t interested in him the same way he was interested in me. BUT one night… I slipped and let him stay over. He did me a “favor” which I did not return and afterwards I felt kinda bad about it. He hasn’t spent the night again since. He’s tried and I’ve shut it down. The whole situation mutually fizzed out. A while after, I found  myself attracted to one of his friends. BUT I knew it would’ve been wrong to act on it because of what transpired, even though Friend # 1 and I weren’t officially dating and we didn’t actually have sex. . . or kiss (on the mouth lol).

BUT again, my question is : At what point is the line of “off limits” drawn? Is it automatic as soon as one friend expresses interest in someone? OR is it crossing the line only if “sexual acts” occur? LoL

Annnnnd GO!


Soo. . . I haven’t posted anything new that I’ve written in a while. But don’t fret, I’ll post something soon (maybe today)! I’ve been working on a few things.

Today I brought back my ponytail! I was in ponytail rehab for almost 2 years. I decided to bring her back for a one day appearance!

Found out last week that my “ex” has a new boo (girlfriend) . . . he downgraded in my opinion, but I guess every chick feels she’s better than the next chick right? So I’m trying not to hate. But you already know you can expect a post about it!! LoL

I did go on that date this weekend! It was good. . . but that’s all I can say, cuz I promised I wouldn’t blog about him! LoL It really wasn’t blog worthy anyway. I specialize in relationship DON’Ts and the date was a DO… so he hasn’t earned a place in my posts, which is a great thing! LoL

Anyway, I miss you all! Don’t forget about me, I’m coming back soon I PROMISE!

Oh yeah, if you are planning on going on the WINTER WEEKEND EXTRAVAGANZA Ski Trip (click link if you don’t know what I’m talking about), the first deposit is due  this weekend! Don’t miss out cuz I wanna party with you all 😉

Biting My Nails

I need a better job.

I’m sooo bored at work!

I just painted my nails.

How do you like ’em??

Photo 178


I’m going on a date tomorrow!

at least I think it’s a date. . . Wish me luck!

I’m nervous, and I hope he doesn’t read this.  LoL

Liar Liar!

Hey Lovelies! This is a reader submission. . .

She goes by “Miss Naïve” Show her some love and leave a comment 🙂

This is the tale of a young and dumb girl who thought she could buy her way to a man’s heart with nice gifts and gestures, and how he played her for a fool with a pool of lies. Little did she know, she would soon regret being so nice. We’ll call the young man LL for liar-liar and the young lady miss naive. So LL and Miss Naïve had been kickin it for a few months. After a few months of off and ons between the two, some consistency started to come into play. Ms. Naïve’s birthday was just a few months before LL’s. The day after Miss Naïve’s birthday party (which LL wasn’t invited to because other members of Miss Naïve’s “team” were there lol), LL showed up at Miss Naïve’s door with a pair of designer shoes that Miss Naïve asked for as a gift. She was ecstatic!

Time goes on, Thanksgiving rolls around and Miss Naïve goes shopping with the fam the day after Thanksgiving. “These Polo sweaters are so cute! LL would look good in one of these.” Miss Naïve thought to herself. So she gets one for him. When she returns home, she gives the sweater to LL who kindly accepts.  So Miss Naïve had the hook up in one of LLs favorite stores. He mentioned a blazer that he liked, so being the nice girl she was, she contacted the hook up and got the blazer. “This can be a pre-birthday gift” she thought to herself. A few weeks roll around and its LL’s birthday. Miss Naïve takes him to dinner, and is super excited because she knows that LL is going to love the “real” gift she got him. During dinner, LL asks “What are you doing for new years?” Miss Naïve says she doesn’t have any definite plans. LL lets her know that they might be able to get up then, and spend new years together. When the two return home, Miss Naïve pulls out a big bag and hands it to LL. He opens it and is smiling from ear to ear when he sees his favorite bottle of vodka and more clothing from his favorite store. After chilling for about 20 mins, LL leaves saying he was going to go to a bar with some of his friends. “WTF?” Miss Naïve thinks to herself. Well maybe he was going to be with the guys right?

New Year’s Eve rolls around, still no definite plans made with LL. Hell, he hasn’t even mentioned doing anything since dinner. So Miss Naïve goes ahead and spends New Year’s Eve with her friends. She never asks LL what happened to them kicking it together, she just lets it ride.

It’s a week before Valentine’s Day. Once again LL claims he is going to “plan something.” Going off his previous actions Miss Naïve doesn’t get her hopes up, and has a plan B. As expected, LL doesn’t show, doesn’t call, doesn’t text. Miss Naïve couldn’t be too upset because she figured it would happen. This was her “final” test. That was it! No more LL in her life.

In the mean time, here are a few more examples of Miss Naïve’s quest for this man’s heart.

1)    One night, Miss Naïve decided to cook dinner for LL. She asked him what his favorite dish was, and he told her. She looked up the recipe for the meal (which she really didn’t eat) to make him happy. The meal turned out great! Too bad she had to eat it alone because LL was a no show. After making plans and being given a time to meet at her place for dinner, he doesn’t call/text or anything. His excuse the next day was “he washed his phone” in the washing machine by accident.

2)    While leaving the club, Miss Naïve wanted some company. so she hit LL up to ask him to come over. She calls once, no answer, twice, no answer, three times, not a lady, but no answer. So being the typical female, Miss Naïve calls LL from her friends phone. He picks up immediately (guys fall for it every time). Once LL realizes its Miss Naïve, he starts trying to act like he was sleep and hangs up the phone.

3)    On another occasion, Miss Naïve texts LL and asks him if their plans for going to the movies were still on. He doesn’t text back. In an effort to ease her woman’s intuition, Miss Naïve texts “Are you sleep?” from her friends phone. He replies “nah I’m up, who is this?” She doesn’t reply back. The next day, Miss Naïve asks LL why he didn’t respond to her text. LL said he was sleep. “Mmmm hmmm.” Miss Naïve says. Getting upset, LL says “If I wanted to lie to you, I’m pretty sure I could come up with a better excuse than saying I was sleep.” Man, this guy was good at lying! Or at least he thought he was lol.

Time passes by and Miss Naïve and LL happen to be at the same bar. Of course after all the BS she had to deal with, Miss Naïve wasn’t going to welcome him with open arms. So she slides right past him and doesn’t say a mumbling word. Do you blame her? Why would she say anything to such a shady character? After a night of chilling at the bar, Miss Naïve returns to work the next morning. And who do you think emailed her as soon as she sat down at her desk? You guessed it………LL. He made the point to bring up how Miss Naïve walked right on by and didn’t speak. She didn’t respond because she was laughing too hard.

Another month goes by, and there has been no contact between the two. One night, Miss Naïve decided to go out on the town with a friend of hers and have a good time. While at the bar, Miss Naïve feels a tap on her shoulder. Its LL. He tells her how good she looks, and makes small talk, and eventually buys her a drink. Now by this time, Miss Naïve had another guy friend that had come in the mix. He was also at the party, and Miss Naïve spent most of her time chilling with him. By the time Miss Naïve gets home, she gets a text from LL saying how nice she looked (again). The next night she gets another text from LL saying how he wishes they could hang out again like they used to. Did she really have that much of an effect on him? Lol

After several long “I want to make things right” conversations and text messages, Miss Naïve and LL decide to give their friendship/relationship or whatever you want to call it another try. LL seemed to be on the right track. He showed up when he said he would, they went to dinner, they had drinks after work, they did other fun things together. Could he have possibly made a change for the better? No. After about a month or two, LL becomes MIA once again. No calls, no texts, no emails. Nothing.

What has she learned from all this you ask? I would go into the Khia song “Don’t trust no ni@@@” but that’s for a different day lol. She learned that you can’t be too nice to a guy unless you know he is truly feeling you, or unless the two of you are in a STEADY relationship. And even then you don’t need to buy him s*** unless its his birthday, or Christmas. Hell, you might not need to buy him anything period. They say nice girls finish last, and she believes that to a certain extent. Notice, when she was off LL she couldn’t keep him from blowing up her phone, but once she gave in, he was out like a light. Perhaps being a bitch will get you farther in the long run than being a wifey type? That topic is still debatable. Guys seem to want what they feel like may be slipping through their fingers, then once they know they have it, they don’t appreciate it as much. So the next time you find yourself questioning if you’re being “too nice” then you probably are lol. Take it from me, give them tough love!

-Miss Naïve


ski trip pic

I think this might be the move for my 26th birthday!

I have an awesome group of friends who also happen to be party promotors. They go by R.S. Entertainment (don’t ask what the R.S. stands for. . . you wouldn’t get it, LoL).  I always have a great time at all of their events.

Last year they hosted a Ski Trip on my birthday weekend. But my pockets wouldn’t allow me to go. That, and I couldn’t muster up a boo (as usual) to go with me! I regret not just rounding up a group of my girls and just spending the money to go because EVERYONE who went said it was awesome. I feel like I’m gonna be left out of a few “inside jokes” forever now! LoL it’s okay though, cuz I’m going this time!

Really, the price is definitely NOT BAD for what’s included: Two nights stay at the resort,  transportation (from DC and Baltimore),  4 meals at the all you can eat buffet, Trey Songz, Music Soulchild & Chrisette Michele in concert and most importantly a 12 hour PREMIUM OPEN BAR! Plus plenty of other activities once you get there.

Sooo, this is where I’ll be for my birthday in February  2010… not that long from now.

Check out their website for more info on the trip:

And if you’re going, don’t forget to mention to them that you heard about it here at FRENCH KISSEZ !!

My Best and My Worst

Funny how the thing I want in my life most

is the thing I’m worst at – .

::shaking my head::