The Bluest Eye

Modern Day case of the Bluest Eye. . .

This beautiful woman traveled all the way to Panama from the UK to undergo surgery to get her eye color changed from brown to blue. I don’t understand it. I honestly believe that things like this… permanent augmentation of something about you that is natural and the norm among people of your race is some type of self-hatred. Who raids their savings account when they have 3 young children to take care of just so that they can get a surgery so trivial as this? I may be wrong, and this is just my opinion, but it’s NOT worth it. She risked becoming BLIND, since the surgery went WRONG and in the end she’s 3,000 pounds broker and her eyes are still BROWN! Way. To. Go! smdh

What are your thoughts?? Why do we still hate out eyes, our skin tone, our breast size in this day and age when there are SO many other things to be proud of. So many other reasons to keep our heads held high!



  1. Media has controlled what beauty is or is not…So since beauty is considered size 2 blonde straight hair and blue eyes then people that are not want to conform into this type of “beauty”…Who really knows what beauty is? People worry about tangible things that are not important…Did she think things will change for her because she has blue eyes? Brown hair/eyes are dominant genes…In time blue hair/eyes would not exist any longer. Women need to know that they are beautiful with/without what media interprets as beuaty. The article in the NY Times about President Obama daughter is just another way of media interpreting what beauty is and that a president daughter shouldnt have ” black hair styles”…They didnt have anything about Bush drug addict daughter…Its damn ashame because there is underline racism in all of this

    • Good points.

  2. As someone who has had a breast reduction I can not understand why someone would want to be larger. However, my decision to undergo surgery had nothing to do with self-hate and everything to do with backache.

  3. It’s sad, but we are still dealing with the hatred from others, ourselves, even our family, from the past. There was a recent article in the NY Times about Malia Obama and her twists. WTF? Was there article on the Bush broads about their hair? Not that I know of! LOL! We’re loving ourselves more these, but it’ll take a long before people like the woman with the surgery find some self love. It’s ingrained so deep…

  4. That has the be the dumbest decision someone has ever made. I don’t even like when dark-skinned women wear blue contacts. She couldve did that instead of undergoing surgery. smh…

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