Married Men and the OTHER Women Who Love Them

I really don’t understand the allure of unavailable men. Why is it that some women go after those that they cannot have? Is it worth the time you’re wasting? And why find your guilty pleasure at the expense of someone else’s family? I’d rather find my pleasure in ice cream.

Please don’t think I’m knocking/judging any other woman’s struggle. I’ve personally never been in the situation where I found myself feeling things for someone’s husband. I’m just posing the questions…

So who’s down with OPP?? I’d like your input!



  1. Yea, it’s kind of like the Forbidden Fruit. I have never and would never pursue someone committed and will not let them pursue me either, just for the simple fact that I don’t want it done to me. I’ve always been the faithful type but there are some chicks out there that don’t gave a flying fiddlestick about a relationship. Some women just need that confidence boost I guess. No one is ever trippin’ on you or wanting you bad until you’re committed but ultimately the responsibility lies in the married party. There should be nothing anyone could say or do to make you break vows but in these days those “words before God” don’t mean much..

  2. I think that it women and men want what they cant have. The same goes for people in relationships that arent married. I dont know too many couples these days that are actually faithful, which is a scary though. They don’t think about the consequences nor do they think about the fact that you reap what you sow. I try not to mess with other peoples men because I dont want karma to come back and bite me in the ass.

    I have a question for ya’ll. If you have a guy friend who is in a relationship and he wants to come and kick it with you, on a totally innocent basis, or wants you to come kick it with him. Doesnt that seem a little suspect? I dont know if I would want my man trying to spend some QT with another female

    • It think that situation can get a lil suspect. If his girl can’t come (meaning he won’t invite her along too) then it’s probably crossing the line. But I’m seriously not against men and women having platonic relationships outside of their romantic ones. Sooo as long as you’re not being kept secret from him girl, it should be fine.

      I’m no expert though!

    • If you have that understanding in your relationship I guess it would be OK. I know I wouldn’t like it, im the jealous type but at the same time you can’t deprive anyone of friendships or female interactions. I just don’t think it should be a home visit. That I wouldn’t be trying to let happen, but like lunch or something like that would be cool…

    • I believe that men and women can be friends. However, this should be discussed with the significant other on how that person feels. I think it really depends on the relationship they have. If they use date and then became friends that is not a good look but if they always been friends then its nothing wrong with them hanging out.

  3. ooops…I made a typo!

  4. We are all guilty of some indiscretion, but I think being a home wrecker is one of the lowest things EVER. Even outside of marriage, why do you think that you (the skeezer home wrecker) think that you have to the right to dabble with someone else’s significant other? That’s how people get shot, stabbed and stalked.
    I could say I would NEVER do something like that, but I have NEVER allowed myself to be lured into a situation like that. What goes around DEFINITELY comes around and I just can’t let that be one of the sins I pay for.
    I wonder if we are all susceptible to being the other woman? Hmmm…

  5. I guess karma keeps me from doing it. I can’t say that I’ve never thought about it though. Maybe not someone’s husband, but I’ve possibly considered someone’s boyfriend. As with any situation, the trick is to recognize the possibility of what could happen, and stop it before it occurs. Try to distance yourself from them as much as possible. You can’t help who you like, but you can help who you date.

  6. (i feel like this is rather prudish of me 2 say, but…) i could not knowingly go after someone else’s husband bc i feel that it would reflect on the respect i have for myself. i dont think you can call yourself a real women if you dont have respect for your sisters and yourself.

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