Pissed Off ?

Here’s the scenario . . .

You are fast asleep in your bed having a wonderful dream. . .

Suddenly you’re interrupted by the guy you’re dating, who was supposed to be asleep next to you.

He calls your name and taps you gently on the shoulder. You don’t bother to roll over to face him, just barely open your eyes and ask “what??”, because you’re annoyed that he’s disturbing you from your dream.

“I had an accident” he says.

“An accident?” you’re slightly interested now, so you roll over to face him.

Immediately, you know just what kind of accident he means, as he sits there, looking at the wall.

You think to yourself. . . did I just feel what I think I did?!

He says “I had a dream I was in the bathroom, but I wasn’t. I woke up too late.”

“whaaaaat??” It’s too early in the morning for this. . .

“It got on you a little bit”

And now you jump up! Not quite sure what to feel other than disgusted. . . sorta pissed off, but the ironic reality is that you’ve just been pissed ON. . .

So what do you do?

A) Act like it’s not that big of a deal, in order to allow for him to save face since he’s probably embarrassed enough.

B) Rip the sheets and comforter off of your bed and throw them at him, tell him GO WASH THEM!! While you fall asleep again on the couch.

C) Get upset, kick him out and tell all of your mutual friends what he did.




  1. B) Rip the sheets and comforter off of your bed and throw them at him, tell him GO WASH THEM!! While fall asleep again on the couch.

    i’ve only experienced this by a drunken mess of a boyfriend (now an ex, for obvious reasons). I made him shower, change, and wash everything…lysol, lysol, lysol. I did laugh at the time, while yelling at him, but really…not a huge fan of pee in my bed, on the floor, and even the tiniest possibility it could be on me….ehhhh what a mess.

  2. i would laugh like hell.
    go back to sleep on the couch.
    make him sleep in his piss or he can opt for the floor.
    and hand him the detergent in the morning.

    –something similar happened to me
    only involving vomit and a drunken monkey, smh.

  3. up.fucking.set

    I assume he is a grown man.
    I would never speak to his filthy uncouth ass again AND I would tell everyone he pee’d the bed while leaving out that I was in it at the time.

  4. B!!!!! like WTF are you serious?! oh i’d be irritated!!!!!! but then i be ROTFL (after he leaves the room to go wash my sh*t).

    then i’d mix B with a lil C…..sorry but my besties have to know this one homie! LOL and dude would be OLD NEWS….

  5. Ha! I would do B and crack jokes on her about it but keep it just between us two.

  6. Yeah so… She would def had to clean the sheets & I would tease her about it every chance I get. But I wouldn’t tell anyone it happened. It would be our little secrete. lol

  7. lmao ..lmao i would choose option a..and curse his ass out in my head ..

  8. I would laugh my ass off!!! OMG! I would do a combo. Get out the disinfectant, tell him put the sheets in the washer, and require that he handle it while I go sleep on the couch. I’d be laughing yet mad as hell. Who still has that dream??!! LOL!

  9. LMFAO! I would do a combination of the three, I believe!
    While it would be a HUGE deal if the tables were turned, I would LMAO at then tell him how gross he is. Then I would make him wash the sheets and while he left the apartment (if I didn’t have a washer/dryer in the apt), I would call/text SOMEONE to share in the laughter.

  10. C…then go blog about it.


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