It’s Just Sex. . . What’s the Big Deal?

Have you ever just been a straight sucka for some good Lovin’??

Let’s be honest, it wasn’t really love. Purely physical, nothing emotional about it.

I never understood why it’s considered taboo for women to simply want to experience the act of sex without further involvement?

Men do it and they’re considered to be “acting like a man”.  However a woman who acts in the same manner is considered less than desired.

I say you should do what you need to in order to be happy (without hurting someone else). I’ve been guilty of the “crime” of finding pleasure in being pleasured 😉 There have been one or two gentlemen that I’ve dated and decided I no longer had any mental interest in but the sex was good so I kept them around for my in-between-time. One guy in particular knew all the right spots and I got off every time… he made sure of it. But once we left the bedroom our time was just filled with awkward conversation of no real value. We came to the agreement that we both know what we enjoy doing together, so why try to make it more than that? Let’s just keep this thing up (pun definitely intended) until we can no longer milk the cow!

It is much easier to be honest with someone (and yourself) than try to force a meaningful relationship out of the act of good sex. You’re just going to find that it’s everything but meaningful when the lights come back on (or maybe you’re the type to keep the room lit… whatever you prefer).

Anyway, I like this arrangement and in the meantime I’m keeping my options open. Since my “little girl” is already being taken care of, I can focus on finding someone who stimulates the other aspects of my life. And when I find him, I’ll say good bye to my gentlemen friend. Until then… he keeps me satisfied!



  1. Hmmmm..acting like a man?! I think not. Women as we all know as very emotional and will get “caught out there”. But, sometime everyone gets caught out there in the sexual experience. You just get that one that makes you say, dayum slim I don’t know if I want to actually let another get this. You must learn to not do certain things after the act takes place. I have pulled the “were just bangin” card many of times and some were cool with it while others were not. That is the nature of the beast.

    Rules of engagement:
    No deep kisses
    No holding
    No cuddling
    No holding hands during
    No deep conversations afterwards

  2. I can appreciate this. One of my bff can’t understant how I do stuff like that. But it’s like I said men do it all the time. I’m grown and my bills are paid with the help of no one but me. If I just want to have sex with someone than so be it. I’m not going to be frustrated because of someone might think. The are my inbetween relationship “friends”..if one is busy I have another. I like this post thought.

    Check out my blog sometimes:

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