These Vikki’s Show My Secrets!


Victoria’s Secret is now trying to let ALL my business out!

What’s up with these new “One Size” (fits all) panties?? They’re just a CRUEL TRICK! They in fact, do NOT fit all sizes. . . not my size anyway.

I bought them, despite them looking a little baggy. I was attracted to these new “Lacie” undies, because they’re 5 for $25 and they come in such a wide variety of colors. But, apparently that’s how they get you! I was a bit skeptical when I saw the label… but I figured, Vikki wouldn’t lie to me. We’ve been cool for so long! I don’t know why I believed that the same panties that fit a size 10 woman would magically shrink down to my size just because they said so. . .

So now, I have 5 pairs of sexy/baggy drawers. That’s an oxymoron! Me and big girl undies don’t get along. . . I like mine lacy and snug. I don’t know what “period panties” are. I don’t own any… so uhhh I guess I do now! ::: shaking my damn head ::: If you’re a not one of those in between sizes, DO NOT BUY these! You’ll be thoroughly pissed off. They should just say “these panties only come in MEDIUM”.

Again, I think I was tricked – “Gimme 20 dollars!”

(okay so that quote is SO out of context, but I ❤ it!)



  1. how dare me post the wrong link to my
    OWN site ..and then it takes me
    to some site ..interesting!

  2. lmao.
    lemme get a pair too …i fit medium!

  3. Aye…since you not using those, let me get em’.


  4. LMAO I refuse to believe that Vikki’s has something to cover this booty that I have. They Look like they might cover one cheek and that’s it!! LOL

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