Where Are The Black Girls In The Videos??

Usually when I’m getting ready for work I turn on MTV Jams to soundtrack my morning prep. I like to just listen to the music and I don’t really watch the videos all the time, other than a glimpse here and there while I’m rushing- I’m always rushing, I haven’t been on time for work yet this year! LoL– but today I actually said eFF it, I’m gonna be late anyway and I paid attention to a few of them!

I’m was kinda disappointed to see that NONE of the video chicks looked like me! And when I say, “like me” I mean cute, petite, and A cupped Black. Okay, I wasn’t watching the regular MTV, I was watching MTVJams! This is supposed to be the Black Urban segment of MTV isn’t it? So why are all of these artists who look like me, casting models who look like “them”? 

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against diversifying the line-up. I’m all for it. BUT, when you have like 15 girls (ie Drake’s new video “Best I Ever Had”), and none of them even resemble your mama… what’s really going on? Are you sending the message that if they’re not light skinned (these video chicks aren’t even light skinned anymore really, they’re just “exotic”), long silky haired, with a big chest and bottom then they’re not what’s considered sexy? 

What’s really going on??

Anyway… that’s my rant! I’m done. But for examples of what I’m talking about… check the videos I saw this morning

Drake, Best I Ever Had

– Kid Cudi, Make Her Say

 – Jeremih, Birthday Sex

even Heavy D and his new Reggae image doesn’t want a Black girl!

-Heavy D, No Matter What  — I hope he knows that most Caribbean women are BLACK! 



  1. In a perfect world, we’ve been left out of music videos for so long that we decided to venture out and get real jobs. Do real modeling. Audition for real parts in real media projects. I say good. Maybe there will come a time when women will refuse to partake in this coonage and men will have to resort to portraying women in their videos by way of drag…

  2. Sooo, that video absolutely SUCKS, regardless!!!! But I definitely get your point. Artists should do better.

  3. Mind you, Kanye directed the video…..smh

  4. I think it’s utterly effin ridiculous. When I watched the video myself, I was thinking there wasn’t one african american woman in the video. I mean, Drake’s excuse maybe that his mother is white. But, across the board with other artists, they has been a lack in our presence. It seems more of the exotic type is only acceptable. I, for one, have stopped watching music videos a long time ago because of the content of the videos. When I go to check on the latest one, it does sting when you don’t see us as the lead roles anymore.

    Since when did African American women disappear in videos? I remember when we were protesting about the way we are portrayed in the videos. Now we’re barely there. So is it a good or bad thing?

  5. EXACTLY! It was already tough growing up being the dark-skinned girl. Now we have to deal with the fact that dudes only see the “multiracial” women as eye-candy/sexy/appealing.


    miss young

  6. I have a problem with no dark skin women being in the video too. That Drake video gets the worst video of the year award in my book… lol.

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