No Sex in the Campaign Room

(This is an excerpt from a blog written on CocktailOur as a collaborative effort… visit for the entire post)

Woman 2…

My New Years Resolutions is “No Sex in 2009” (well less sex in 209, LOL). I find it complicates things when the lines have not yet been drawn in a relationship. You start to date a guy and you really like him, things are going well in your opinion and you’re hoping that the situation will continue to progress, but you don’t want to bring it up to him yet, because it’s too new. You know how you feel, but you’re kind of waiting for him to let you know what’s going on in his head on his own time. Not that you’re trying to jump into a relationship with him, but you like the idea of the possibility later on.

Then one night you feel extra comfortable with him and you make the decision in your mind that you’re ready to take it there. Sex is now introduced into your simple equation. And now it’s not so simple anymore!

Whyyyy does intercourse have to make things so difficult when you really like someone? Everything is fine when you are just getting to know someone, but then you start to have sex (too soon?) and there are these questions that begin to linger, LOOM rather. . . “aw man, I hope he doesn’t think this is all I want”. . . “do we have to do it every time we make plans to see each other now?”. . . “what happened to our dates?” . . . is he dating someone else? “is he having sex with someone else? Should I ask him? If I do, will he get defensive and think I’m trying to knock him over the head and drag him into a cave somewhere to hold him captive for the rest of his adult life??”

Most of the time women won’t ask those questions, because we don’t want him to feel like we’re trying to push him into a relationship. When really all we’re looking for is just a clearer vision of what’s going on, how he feels about how the situation has changed. My friend said “Sex is a powerful tool, use it wisely” . . . I’m confused about this statement because I don’t feel like I’m wielding any kind of special powers in my vagina! Actually quite the contrary, I feel like sex is working against me. So. . . I don’t want it anymore! Here God. . . You can have my vagina BACK. . . just pass it down when I gotta pee, please and thank you!